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As of 30 October 2020, ACTIA Group changed its means of administration and management by changing from a Limited Liability Company with an Executive Board and Supervisory Board to a Limited Liability Company with a Board of Directors. The latter determines the Company’s business strategy and monitors execution.  Executive management of the Company is now provided by a Chairman and Chief Executive, assisted by three Deputy CEOs.

In matters concerning corporate governance, the Group refers to the Middlenext Code of Corporate Governance for listed companies published on September 22, 2021 (available on the Middlenext website).

ACTIA Group’s Board of Directors, and the Boards of Directors and Management Committees of the subsidiaries monitor, during their regular meetings, risks that have already been identified and conduct ongoing monitoring and business intelligence of the markets, changes to technologies, and the competition in order to identify any new risks as they arise. They are responsible for developing and periodically examining performance indicators in the different areas and are also involved in the coordination of the budgeting and forecasting process carried out by the divisions, as well as for monitoring actuals.

In accounting and financial matters, management control and internal audit exists within each division. These internal controls are either carried out by a specific management control team or by the Finance Manager of the subsidiary, where there is reduced headcount. Accounting procedures are adapted depending on the business, the risks identified, the information systems and the size of the various subsidiaries. Concerning Group financial management: a dedicated team provides international financial management for the Group. Control is achieved through regularly reviewed reporting procedures and is further supported by visits to the subsidiaries. There may also be less regular meetings involving the finance and accounting teams from the subsidiaries.

Board of Directors

JL Pech
Jean-Louis PECH
Chairman and CEO
JF Calmels
Jean-François CALMELS
Deputy CEO
  M Candelon
Deputy CEO
 C Mallet
Catherine MALLET      
Deputy CEO



P Calmels
Honorary Chairman
  M Candelon
 Stanislas BAILLY
 C Casamatta
Independant Director
C Garcia
Independant Director
Laura PECH
Frédéric THRUM
V Vedrine
Véronique VEDRINE
Marie-Louise RIBAUT
Director representing the employees
 Martine CHUPIN
Martine CHUPIN
Director representing the employees
 Christian Desmoulins