The Responsible Governance

ACTIA’s governance is family-based, with long-term objectives. It guarantees the Group’s ethics and compliance.

The Social Model

ACTIA is a human-sized company which respects people, their safety, their health, and development. The Group is locally involved to generate positive impact on our territories.

ACTIA’s Commitments in action:
  • Training: to develop skills, talents and autonomy in a working environment that enables employees to grow in responsibility.
  • Inclusion: to welcome differences and encourage diversity.
  • Quality of life at work: to build a workplace where people thrive collectively and individually.

The Environmental Model

ACTIA’s Environmental Model shapes Group’s activities in depth: from the phases of design, production and maintenance to the direct contribution of solutions and applications on the different markets.

  • Contribution to customers’ carbon footprint reduction goals.
  • Design and manufacturing of eco-responsible electronics solutions for a sustainable world.
  • 100% of ACTIA industrial sites are ISO 14001 certified.

ACTIA integrates its corporate commitments into the choice of its suppliers. Quality and sustainability are therefore key points in the qualification and classification of suppliers. Relationships with suppliers are built in accordance with the principles defined in the supplier quality manual and in the purchasing and supply policy.

ACTIA’s close collaboration with its stakeholders has enabled it to identify areas for action in line with the global initiative supported by the UN: the Sustainable Development Goals. In the coming years, ACTIA is committed to three priorities:

  • SDG 3: Health and Well-being
  • SDG 4: Quality education
  • SDG 7: Sustainable and affordable energy
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