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All talents coming together
ACTIA's commitment to all of the challenges related to its increasingly demanding markets, its high-technological know-how and its independence can be found in every employee. All skills are brought together around an ambitious business project that bears the values of this intermediate-sized, family-owned company. The ACTIA group has its roots in the South-West of France, a region known for its love for rugby. Playing as a team whilst respecting everyone both inside and outside the company is an essential component of ACTIA’s spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship. It is for this reason that new employees join the group every year and, for this same reason, they stay within the group. Through training, safety, and professional development, ACTIA’s aim is to establish and maintain a positive environment that allows everyone to give their best in a win-win relationship with the company.

Building careers abroad
Joining ACTIA means joining a group that has sites in 15 countries across all continents. Between the richness of great diversity and the need for a corporate culture that is both international and homogeneous, human history is being rewritten every day. Here again, the ACTIA group places its trust in its employees. The ACTIA Linker programme makes it possible for everyone to have a professional experience that is a good match for them, in another country. This mobility is facilitated by the completely international nature of the majority of the projects, all of which offer many opportunities. This international career path can also be seen in the day-to-day working relationships with teams in the group’s various companies.

M Sartelet


« I am a trained engineer (ENSI CAEN) and I joined ACTIA in September 2017 as Customer Quality Coordinator in the OEM Department. After a year and a half’s experience in a major German industrial group, ACTIA offered me a job that allows me to gain multiple skills in a multi-market and multi-customer context. The cross-cutting nature of my role gives me a vision of the whole product life cycle, starting from the tender process. This is what interests me. At just 24 years old, I provide the product interface for key accounts like Scania and Irizar. It feels like a really amazing opportunity. ACTIA is good at putting its trust in young talent. It is also an innovative and growing company, on a human scale, where it’s still possible to interact with top management, formally or informally. This business culture appealed to me and motivated my choice. »

Customer Quality Coordinator

C Labit Bonis

« I am a young, 26-year old mother. I am a PhD student (LAAS) in AI and Computer Vision at the ACTIA Innovation Department. A geek to the core, I won the 1st Prize at the SEE Midi-Pyrénées - CISEC contest (3AF, SIA, SEE on Critical On-board Systems) in 2016 for my Master’s research on Interactive Systems and Robotics at UPSSITECH, a part of Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier University. I am currently exploring new technologies for processing and analysing vehicle on-board images. I am making the most of the entire ACTIA ecosystem in on-board electronics. ACTIA is an outward looking company in terms of innovation. It promotes working with local partners, schools and research laboratories. I like the collective involvement, and the ability to question our current knowledge. It is also a friendly company on a human scale, which gives high priority to working conditions and gives us the resources we need to thoroughly pursue our explorations. »

PhD student (LAAS) in AI and Computer Vision ACTIA Group

Articulating ambition
ACTIA’s pioneering spirit is characteristic of its scope of innovation. In addition to major investments in research and development (14% to 16% of the annual turnover on average), innovation is part of the group's identity. Each company and each employee contributes to it with enthusiasm that is supported by the flexibility of the group’s methods. Individual initiative is valued in the same way as team spirit, and contributing to the overall structure is a way for everyone to articulate their ambition.

Designing and producing
The diversity brought by the group’s international dimension is enhanced by the diversity of profiles and skills. When it comes to ACTIA products, professions in design are inseparable from professions in manufacturing. The central issue of quality and customer satisfaction is what links these different professions. Constant discussions between engineering and production acts as a guarantee because they call upon the involvement and energy of all employees in the same way.