ACTIA: “A vital component of the economic fabric” according to the Institut Choiseul

Institut Choiseul "Les Fleurons de l'autonomie stratégique 2022.

After identifying ACTIA as a company “spearheading innovation” in 2021, the Institut Choiseul now hails ACTIA’s role as a “flagship of strategic autonomy” in 2022. Such companies are characterised by their capacity for production and innovation in the most strategic sectors. They contribute to the resilience of the French economy through their expertise in essential segments of value chains.

The Institut Choiseul puts the spotlight on intermediate-sized companies

The Institut Choiseul is a private and independent thinktank that focuses on analysing international strategic issues and global economic governance. It publishes an annual study entitled “The New Conquerors of the Economy”. This study ranks French companies, from start-ups to large CAC 40 groups, that have their sights set on conquering the market.

For this third edition of the Choiseul ‘Conquerors’ ranking, the institute highlights 200 companies, both SMEs and large groups, that have carved out a central position within the French economy through the following actions:

  • – Promoting local development,
  • – Investing in innovation,
  • – Expanding internationally,
  • – Contributing to the strategic autonomy of the French economy.

These intermediate-sized companies are thus contributing to the resilience of the French and European economies by structuring the economy and developing French know-how. They have confirmed their ability to adapt to significant constraints within their own sectors, to take smart strategic decisions and to make human capital a top priority.

ACTIA invests locally in technological and industrial excellence

The recognition from the Institut Choiseul perfectly reflects one of the priorities in the ACTIA Group’s CSR commitments: “Be a company that invests locally to make a positive social impact wherever it is present”.

ACTIA has been committed for many years to developing local technological and industrial excellence, which is constantly reviewed and continually creates value. For example, its showcase industrial site in the Occitanie region is pursuing an ambitious transformation programme. It is based in particular on digital technology and extensive involvement from the teams in line with the dynamics of Factory 4.0 and Factory 5.0. This site, which has been awarded the “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” (Industry of the Future Showcase Site) label by the Alliance Industrie du Futur, is also a model for the Group’s other production sites across three continents. A similar approach is also being taken at the various Research and Development centres.

With a view to optimising its technological and industrial performance, ACTIA is capable of deploying its model locally so that its international customers can benefit from the same level of excellence throughout the world.

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