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Telecom Division

Telecom Division

For more than 30 years, ACTIA Telecom – the Telecommunications division of the ACTIA group - has been recognised in professional telecommunications markets for its expertise in the design and development of innovative solutions. ACTIA Telecom is also renowned for its mastery of systems, transmission and safety aspects.

Significant investment in Research and Development has equipped ACTIA with expertise and capacity for innovation. These two qualities enable ACTIA Telecom to anticipate customers' new expectations. Relying on its close ties to large research laboratories and the potential of its R&D teams, which design and develop all products, ACTIA Telecom is more than capable of proposing cutting-edge technological solutions to information transmission issues.

The ACTIA Group’s Telecommunications division in figures :

  • 10% of the group’s consolidated turnover.
  • 4 sites in France with a dedicated production unit.
  • 250 employees.
  • More than 30 years of expertise in telecommunications.

A major player in high-growth expertise and markets:

Meet the new challenges in Urban and Rail Transport: mobility, safety and increased traffic are challenges for the sector’s partners and suppliers. The Telecommunications division of the ACTIA group, working with the Automotive division, provides guidance to operators in the following areas :

  • Embedded systems: control/command, power electronics, passenger information.
  • Broadband/mobility: wireless transmission, passenger entertainment.
  • Infrastructure and safety announcement systems.
  • Refurbishment / sustainability: expertise in safety, reindustrialisation, obsolescence management.

Successful collaborations with major players in transportation and Energy distribution have helped ACTIA Telecom gain recognition as a major player in the design and completion of solutions intended for managing electrical networks. Its expertise in the areas of supervision, telecommunications and command-control ensure ACTIA's presence from command centres to power stations.

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Aerospace - Defence
ACTIA Telecom proposes the design and redesign of embedded products & systems for Aerospace and Defence applications. This expertise is strengthened by recognised know-how in obsolescence management.

Telecom Networks Infrastructures
With its dual expertise in electrical systems and telecommunications, ACTIA Telecom has developed a complete range of integration solutions for outdoor telecommunications equipment units and has become a market leader with more than 47,000 systems operating on many networks for mobile telephony, broadcast and railway, both in France and abroad.

SatCom expertise has grown to offer the group’s customers around the world advanced technical solutions of high quality and at the best price in three areas :

  • Amplifiers and RF sub-systems.
  • Earth stations for civil and government operators.
  • Network monitoring systems.

The SatCom activity has taken shape with major DGA programmes (French Army) and is gradually progressing with major programmes in France and abroad. ACTIA is recognised at the international level for its expertise in the field.

A partner with international recognition :

  • Supplier of tactical stations for the French army.
  • Supplier of embedded radio-transmission systems for the rolling stock manufacturers of the subway lines in New York, Singapore and Paris.
  • Leader in telecom network infrastructure solutions with more than 47,000 products rolled out on the networks of operators worldwide.
  • Supplier of equipment in ERDF Transformer Substations, ACTIA Telecom is participating in the current effort to modernise the infrastructures by investing in Smartgrids.

Actia Telecom’s technical development and expertise, as well as its manufacturing process, comply with internationally-recognised standards: ISO 9001, CETECOM, IRIS (in progress), SIL. ACTIA Telecom has also implemented an ISO 14001-recognised Environmental Management System.

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