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Power Division

Power Division

The ACTIA POWER division, created in 2021, consolidates the various activities of the ACTIA group in the design and manufacture of on-board batteries, power electronics and electrification systems for electric and hydrogen hybrid mobility.

Electromobility, ACTIA's historic expertise

The transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to other types of mobility is a priority around the world to meet environmental and public health challenges. This transition initiated more than two decades ago has suddenly accelerated in recent years to face current ecological challenges.

Faithful to its values for sustainable mobility that is more respectful of the environment, ACTIA has been present since the end of the 1990s by participating in the development of a first electric vehicle for a French car manufacturer.

Supporting the ecological transition of vehicles

ACTIA has long been a partner of manufacturers and integrators of industrial, commercial and rail vehicles. The ACTIA Power division has a strong international ambition, both technological and industrial, to support manufacturers in their electromobility and vehicle electrification programs.

The technological foothold of this new division is reinforced by the strategic partnership signed between ACTIA and CEA Tech, a major French technology research unit.

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 The ACTIA Power division around the world

The ACTIA Power division is organized around the ACTIA Power holding company and various affiliated entities in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. The electromobility industrial activity is located at three production sites, in Europe and the United States.

Find all of ACTIA's electromobility offer on the site: electromobility.actia.com

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