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Producing: ACTIA manufacturing
The ACTIA group handles the production of its products in its factories and opens its production sites to other customers such as Electronics Manufacturing Services - E.M.S. The group has therefore developed leading industrial expertise in the automotive, aerospace, rail, health and industry sectors. The E.M.S activity now brings together almost 900 employees and is enhanced by the various services offered by the group on an international level particularly with purchasing, procurement and in-service support. ACTIA thus positions itself close to its customers with a dual commitment: INNOVATE & PRODUCE.

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Original Design Manufacturing - ODM
Backed by our integrated engineering, we are able to act quickly and ahead of time to develop complete products and systems: routing assistance, placement, technological decisions, design suitability and production process. The combined know-how within our design offices, supported by substantial investment in Research and Development, is intrinsic to our industrial performance.

RoHS compliant

All of the processes and technologies for assembling circuit boards, lead and lead-free reflows, adhesive application, x-rays, multi-purpose wave soldering or selective soldering, robotised or manual selective coating are controlled within our production plants. RoHs – RoHs2 (logo and texts see keywords).

Our production strategy for assembled and tested elements is modular, from a production line dedicated to one product, to a flexible multi-product station.

Tests & Debugging
The test strategy is developed in the early design phases. It is improved by the result of the Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis with the aim of monitoring our production and offering every guarantee to our customers. It is based on AOI, mobile probe testers, ICT and functional testers, Rapid Temperature Cycling thermal test chambers. ACTIA is developing dedicated functional testers.

Supply chain & Logistics
The ACTIA group’s logistics know-how covers all of the cycles: procurements, transport, customs, regular and ad-hoc flows, Vendor Management Inventory. Our teams manage the entirety of the Supply Chain from our Front office production sites (sales administration, planning) to our customers or our customers’ customers. Since 2011, we have been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (OEA).

ACTIA’s international expansion has allowed for greater proximity with the global markets. Substantial purchasing volumes negotiated with distributors or manufacturers, enable us to be competitive in all of our markets. We are able to adapt to our customers’ requirements in terms of suppliers, whilst proactively proposing alternative sources: the group’s volume of annual purchases is thus higher than 100 million euros.

In-Service Support & After-Sales Service
The ACTIA group offers specific know-how in ensuring durability, for the In-Service Support of critical electronic systems. This department brings together various skills centres that may be called upon when looking for a comprehensive or partial solution: obsolescence monitoring, repairs, redesigning, long-term strategic storage, etc. In addition, our repair centre brings together expert technicians in charge of repairing our products and those of our customers. A specific area is dedicated to aerospace repairs (Part 145).


Map of production sites...

Toulouse site - France
This site, which has long been focussed on small and medium production runs, has benefited from substantial investments with the installation of a new medium production line in 2015 and a mass production line in 2016. This site, which is now fully adaptable, is capable of producing high-tech electronic circuit boards, whatever the volumes. This is a shining example of industrial excellence.

  • 300 people.
  • Over 1 million circuit boards per year.
  • 3 CMS lines including 1 mass production line.
  • AOI, x-rays.
  • 1 Lead / lead-free mixed wave with in-line washing.
  • 1 ERSA selective wave.
  • In-line, selective coating.
  • Integration.
  • In-situ testing (mobile probe and ICT), functional testing.
  • 15 debugging benches.
  • Integrated development service for functional testers.
  • Repair centre with approved Part 145 zone for aerospace repairs.

This Offshore medium and mass production site is located in direct proximity to Tunis commercial port and airport. The flow of components and finished products through a platform in Marseilles ensures short cycles and excellent responsiveness. This site is particularly well-known for producing circuit boards and electronic products in an environment of highly-experienced engineers and technicians.

  • 600 people.
  • 3,500,000 circuit boards per year.
  • Site approved by key manufacturer accounts.
  • 6 mass production CMS lines.
  • Latest generation in-line vision equipment.
  • In-line component / wave installation.
  • Coating lines.
  • Integration.
  • Functional testing, in-situ testing.

ACTIA Tunisia (Tunis)
This site is dedicated to integration, functional testing and the packaging of finished products, from small to large volumes. This site is designed to store and assemble finished products that require significant production areas (mechanical components, testers, packaging).