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Automotive division

Automotive division

Electronics for Automotive systems
The Automotive division of the ACTIA group represents almost 90% of the group's consolidated turnover. It is based on ACTIA's two core activities: embedded systems and vehicle diagnostics.

This division's expansion is linked not only to developing electronic equipment for vehicles but also to ACTIA's positioning in "a systems approach" which has always enabled the group to anticipate market challenges and changes.

Developing electronics in the Automotive industry
The exponential growth of electronic equipment in all passenger, commercial and industrial vehicles is entirely correlated with the growth of functionalities in these same vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers implement complex electronic architectures to address challenges in safety, comfort, connectivity, energy performance, and production costs. Topics such as autonomous vehicles, connected and communicating vehicles, sustainable vehicles and more, are all strongly linked to the electronic architecture performance.

ACTIA : pioneer in vehicle electronics
At the forefront of vehicle diagnostics, telematics multiplexed architectures and electric drive systems, ACTIA is continuously making technological advances in electronics and mechanics. The group has undergone substantial and controlled growth since it was created in 1986. Therefore, ACTIA can meet the expectations of its OEM customers with agile flexibility and anticipation, while offering large-scale proprietary manufacturing resources. This unique combination is specific to medium-sized businesses and is a major benefit for the group’s customers, which include major international manufacturers of light, commercial and industrial vehicles. Many of these customers have been partners with ACTIA for 30 years.


For Aftermarket ACTIA proposes electronic diagnostics solutions, garage equipments; and extends its offer for fleet operators, from on-board Telematics to web portals for remote vehicle maintenance and diagnostic services and, more generally, the operation of fleets with geo-location, data management for driver activity and eco-driving, etc.

In addition to this technological know-how and automotive expertise, the group builds each of its solutions on the complementary nature of an overall engineering and manufacturing offer. This is an essential asset for a medium-sized business that must demonstrate excellent responsiveness.

Committed values for a winning strategy
A medium-sized, independent family business, ACTIA is committed to a policy of innovation and an industrial strategy. These two factors make ACTIA stand out in the automotive markets. Quick decision-making provides great adaptability in sectors that are constantly changing technologically. The increasing complexity of electronic systems in these markets requires expertise in the design and production phases in a highly certified quality environment. ACTIA integrates an industrial capacity that is capable of meeting the demands of the various automotive markets from small to large production runs.

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