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Vehicle testing

Vehicle testing

Having inherited the standards of the Muller Bem brand, inventor of the brake test bench, ACTIA is able to anticipate customer needs and offer a complete range of products and services for LV and HGV inspection and testing.
Always one step ahead, ACTIA equipment boasts the best connectivity and return on investment. In vehicle communication and connected vehicles, electronic diagnostics and garage equipment, the ACTIA group's expertise is at the heart of the issues in the automobile world.
Connectivity of equipment and workshops in a network approach is the starting point for ACTIA solutions, perfectly in line with the new OTC-LAN communication protocols.

Connected workshop and prospects
The connected workshop opens new possibilities, especially in terms of centralised multi-site management. ACTIA offers ACTIA VISION to managers of vehicle inspection centres. This unique and innovative service can be used to remotely monitor activity in the vehicle inspection centres in real time. The manager instantly receives alerts, maintenance dates and forecasted part replacements and can monitor production in the centres. ACTIA VISION monitors the BILANMATIC XG line, the ACTIGAS gas analyser and opacimetry, and ACTIOPA and the 764-8 headlamp adjuster.

The connected inspection line
The BilanMatic XG vehicle inspection line combines reliability and performance. Paired with ACTIA VISION software, it offers owners of vehicle inspection centres connected hardware with tools that they can use to manage their investment in real time.

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Guaranteeing a high level of Quality
The ACTIA range meets the stringent requirements of the market's key players. The ACTIA vehicle inspection range is manufactured at our 8,000 m2 production site located a few miles from Paris. ACTIA is able to maintain complete control over the industrial processes in a demanding and changing regulatory environment.
A certified environment with high-tech industrial equipment, ACTIA production sites comply with the very strict requirements of the automotive and aeronautics sectors, another area of activity for the ACTIA group.

Ensuring high-level local service
Our distribution network extends over the five continents and more than 80 countries to offer truly local service. For vehicle inspection centres, support and guidance in using our solutions begins at handover and training. Professionals in the sector are guaranteed technical assistance and functional upgrades and operational maintenance of tools on a daily basis.

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