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Workshop equipment and services

Workshop equipment and services

ACTIA's equipment and services offer for workshops is based on collaboration between the connected vehicle and the connected workshop. Alongside maintenance and vehicle repair professionals, ACTIA has made the connected workshop a major focus of its equipment and service offer, an offer driven by the workshops’ rise in productivity. The connected vehicle falls within the same approach and strengthens this offer within a more global ecosystem. The development of this service-focused offer is one of the key factors of success in the Aftermarket and has been one of the ACTIA group’s major competitive advantages since its creation.

When ACTIA invented diagnostics in 1986, the group was supporting manufacturer after-sales networks worldwide, particularly in the car industry, with dedicated equipment: electronic diagnostics packages. From 2003 onwards, the group developed expertise in multi-make diagnostics and the takeover of Muller Bem positioned ACTIA with comprehensive ranges in garage equipment and vehicle inspections. The group’s offers are now aimed at customers who are all, without exception, players in maintenance, repairs and technical inspection, across the world: branded and independent networks, maintenance and quick repair networks, etc.

Vehicle inspection as a connected "laboratory".
Both in France and abroad, vehicle inspection activity is controlled by a set of regulations that impose suitable standards on the development of a connected environment. The same applies to the new OTC LAN communication protocol between measuring equipment and IT systems for vehicle inspection centres. These communication standards favour ACTIA's progress regarding connected services and portals and provide additional leverage for ACTIA's expertise in workshop equipment and services.

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