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Infrastructure & Trackside safety

Infrastructure & Trackside safety

The ACTIA group, with more than 15 years of experience in the railway sector in general and supplying traffic warning systems to protect agents during work in particular, develops innovative, reliable solutions for trackside safety:

  • In Design to Cost.
  • Radio frequency for harsh environments.
  • And secure HW and SW development for levels SIL 3 and SIL 4.

These solutions are based on the expertise of the group’s ACTIA Telecom division, specialists in hyperfrequency and in wireless transmission over short and long distances. ACTIA Telecom is an expert in the different signal-processing techniques and available standards that can be used for transmitting in a harsh environment (urban, multipath, etc.). ACTIA therefore offers a wide range of wireless railway warning systems for various types of fixed or mobile work sites. These systems help minimise the risks when work is being conducted with traffic on the adjacent track.

ACTIA Telecom takes part in the CEN/TC 256/SC WG 39 working group, "Safety protection on the track during work."

ACTIA devices are suited to several types of configuration:

SCWS systems (Signal Controlled Warning Systems)

The ASWS system

The ASWS is a completely integrated warning device that can operate automatically or manually. Its size and weight make it the most compact and easily handled piece of equipment in the market for audible/visual warning devices. It is the ideal device for short-term works on open tracks because it interfaces with train detection systems (TOR 24 VDC), especially in switching limits or on High Speed lines. Using it does not require a power supply because its batteries, which can be recharged using a 230VAC source, give it a long period of autonomy.

The ASWS meets all requirements for rapid deployment and reliability set by the railway companies and is SIL 3 certified. In this market, it is seen as being the best value for money while offering a high level of safety for workers.

The LOWS systems (Lookout Operated Warning Systems)

The SAFEASY 100, ideal for track inspection.

Featuring two transmitters and a central warning unit that is completely wireless and SIL 3 certified, the SAFEasy 100 ensures rapid deployment on the ground. It is the ideal system for ensuring safety on a mobile work site thanks to its integrated GPS module. The GPS module is used to control the minimum safety distance between items of equipment at all times. Lightweight, compact and portable, the SAFeasy 100 was designed to be easily used by railway personnel. Configuring the system and putting it in place are facilitated by the LCD touch screen and a user-friendly interface.

Resolutely innovative, the SAFeasy 100 works equally well in UHF and GSM-R. It also includes a unit enabling voice communication between the transmitter and the central warning unit.

The SAFEASY 200, in manual mode, rounds out the offer for long work sites.


The ATWS systems (Automatic Track Warning System)

The SAFEASY 200 in automatic mode

Completely wireless and SIL 4 certified, the SAFeasy 200 is used to control up to 30 audible/visual warning signals from the central warning unit. This system effectively covers work sites spanning several hundred metres in length.

Lightweight and portable, the SAFeasy 200 was designed for rapid deployment on the ground and to be easily used by railway personnel. Configuring the system and putting it in place are simplified by the LCD touch screen and a user-friendly interface.

With a high audio power that can be configured between 105 dBA and 126 dBA, the audible/visual warning also includes an ambient noise-control system and can thus automatically adapt to the noisiest work sites.

The SAFeasy 200 meets all requirements for safety, radio availability, ease of use and rapid deployment set by railway companies.

Detection can be carried out automatically by installing treadles on the track, or manually by warnings. In this case, the equipment ensures vigilance through an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope.

Integrating a unique and robust radio solution for long-distance connections between the warning boxes and the central warning unit, the SAFEASY 200 is the perfect technical and economical solution for combining safety with successfully completed work.

Featuring LCD screens and our user-friendly MMI interface, the system is designed for rapid and intuitive implementation. It features a high level of reliability and is ideal for controlled preventive maintenance. Our solutions therefore improve effectiveness, performance and safety.