In an age when everything is connected, mobility and connectivity go hand in hand. Being informed, entertained and able to work must be an option at all times, even when travelling.

"Connected mobility" is the new challenge facing public transportation today and in the future. The ACTIA group offers many solutions to this challenge.

ACTIA has developed a product range for passenger entertainment that includes VOD, in-seat audio and an innovative entertainment application for tablets.

These on-board entertainment solutions complement the passenger information system by offering various programmes on screens located at each seat or in the aisles; programmes include films, advertising or corporate announcements, etc.

ACTIA's experience in managing on-board entertainment allows the group to offer highly innovative, comprehensive and effective systems providing rapid access to all multimedia & navigation functions. Our systems are both compact and robust. Chosen by major operators and integrators in the road or rail passenger transport industry, each standard product can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer, to provide the most effective solution at the right price. ACTIA's engineering expertise also makes it possible to offer equipment specially for its customers' needs.