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Transport equipment and services

The transport world and its various stakes are at the heart of ACTIA's equipment and services solutions for passenger or goods transport professionals.

These solutions are based on connected vehicle performance. ACTIA relies on performance aspects to offer video surveillance, eco-driving, fleet management, passenger information or entertainment systems, for example, while into account the constraints of on-board technologies.

ACTIA's solutions meet safety, environment, comfort and management needs, thanks to the group's dual expertise working for operators and manufacturers, and its know-how in on-board architecture, telematics and diagnostics.

ACTIA's systems optimise the vehicle service level via on-board preventive maintenance and communicating devices. The group's unique expertise in electronic diagnostics guarantees this type of exclusive functions.

ACTIA's different platforms are designed in the group's design offices, and manufactured in the group's factories. Similarly, ACTIA develops software programs for integration of its equipment with customer application portals or with ACTIA portals.
All of ACTIA's offers ensure urban and inter-urban mobility that is both sustainable and connected.

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