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Train-to-Ground Transmission

For more than 30 years, ACTIA has been offering products in the wireless transmission sector for permanent infrastructures and mobile ground-to-vehicle communications (trains, buses, airplanes, drones, ships, etc.).

With extensive experience in radio frequency design & simulation, signal processing, mechanics and heat science, ACTIA Telecom offers tailor-made and innovative solutions to meet customers’ flexibility, broadband and mobility needs.
Our areas of expertise enable us to offer complete system solutions, from design and integration to qualification and site validations with our customers.

Expertise in hyperfrequency technologies and signal processing allows ACTIA Telecom to develop solutions for audio, video, and low-bandwidth data transmission, taking into account the propagation issues related to the various environments encountered by customers :

  • Frequency: adjustment of frequencies up to 10Ghz.
  • Modulation: OFDM (DVB-T/T2, Wi-Fi, etc.), TDMA, Proprietary, LoRa, SDR, etc.
  • Data, audio, video.

Train-to-ground transmission solutions for CBTC for automated subway trains
These are among the automated solutions for driverless trains developed by train manufacturers and enable train-to-ground transmission of command and control data. These products are fitted on the train and on the ground along the tracks.

ACTIA offers a range of train-to-ground transmission solutions drawing on the group’s R&D and industrial expertise in hyperfrequency.

On-board Wi-Fi transmission
In this day and age when everything is "fully connected," when mobility and connectivity go hand in hand and we all want to be informed and entertained and work where and when we want to, journey time can no longer be wasted. "Connected mobility" is the new challenge for public transportation in the coming years.

With this in mind, ACTIA offers the ACT-IES solution, which is innovative by virtue of its technology and ease of implementation (wireless). The ACT-IES solution enables operators to offer distinctive services to users.

It is made up of a Wi-Links wireless modem with a multimedia server and is based on an IP architecture. Passenger information and entertainment is broadcast to mobile devices such as smartphones or personal tablets.

This makes it possible to provide a wide variety of services to passengers through a reliable and economical system.

ACTIA develops its offer for buses and coaches, trams, subway systems, and high-speed and intercity trains.

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Rear vision: Semi-embedded digital video transmission (TVSE) safety system
The TVSE (semi-embedded video transmission) system is designed to transmit video information to the driver’s cab from all doors of the train when it is stopped at a platform. This allows the driver to keep an eye on passengers as they get on and off the train, thus enabling safe departure from the station once the signal confirming the closing of the doors has been received.

With this new system, video information is captured by cameras along the platform, then digitalised, analysed and modulated into DVB-T by the TVSE unit before being transmitted to the train’s cab by radio. On board, the video stream is decoded and displayed on colour touch screens located in the driver’s cab. At the same time, a train-to-ground matching system linked to the TVSE unit enables clear identification of the train to make sure the videos displayed on board are definitely from the platform of that particular train.

ACTIA Telecom’s technical expertise in broadcast, hyperfrequency and railways has made it possible to build a high-performance solution from the design stage to testing in revenue service. A solution that meets the strict constraints of the railway environment (Standards) as well as operational requirements.

Transmission Drone
In this day and age when everything is "fully connected," mobility and connectivity go hand in hand. Current connection needs go beyond human users. The Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine exchanges are becoming more widespread. It is becoming necessary to connect systems of a very diverse nature, both fixed and mobile, in sometimes harsh environments and for safety applications.

ACTIA Telecom is participating in this new challenge by offering high-speed transmission solutions that guarantee a high quality of service, even under challenging propagation conditions.

Wi-Links 2 is the ideal solution for developing very reliable wireless networks, thanks to parallel usage of different physical connections and correlates such as Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5.8Ghz and 3G/4G: the integrated processor takes charge of the IP stream and dynamically selects the best radio connection.

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