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Smartgrid energy

With recognised experience in the field, the ACTIA Group's telecommunications division develops innovative solutions for electrical networks. ACTIA Telecom supports the development of Smartgrids at different levels in the pyramid of energy flow measures and monitoring.

Our design and production of comprehensive solutions for electrical energy Transport and Distribution networks are based on skills and products at three key levels in the telecontrol chain: Central supervision, telecommunications, and control-command and local supervision of the station.

In the fast-changing energy sector, due to both new uses of electricity and new sources of decentralized production, upgrading the power system involves deploying new technologies rather than expanding the networks on a massive scale. The goal is to impact demand and not just work on increasing production to restore balance. ACTIA incorporates these new aspects relating to new information and communication technologies for more flexible network management at three levels:

  • Increasing, pooling and scanning measures provides more accurate knowledge of energy flows, allows for more accurate predictions, and enables optimal real-time adaptation of resources. Intelligence added by digitizing station control-command makes it possible to collect data and to send it up the chain. Local optimizations and operational translation of decisions can also be defined at the remote telecontrol level.
  • The Group's expertise in telecommunications is an essential asset in this context of ever-increasing volumes of data and data transfer requiring increasingly effective security measures. ACTIA's solutions integrate: the media recommended according to the access redundancies and their robustness, the adapted protocols, and the intrusion protection methods and aspects relating to transfer security.
  • Our LTR9020 MISTRAL regional telecontrol systems enable flexible management of the power system and optimal compliance with the sites' specific requirements. We have developed unique know-how in managing insular electrical networks, whose stability can only be ensured if they are backed by neighbouring power grids. This know-how tying in production and transport aspects has allowed us to work with specific transport networks, such as one of our recent references: the electrical network of Burundi.

Improvements in electrical networks with increased communicability, for more moderate overall consumption, ultimately make the delivery of electricity safer and more efficient, as well as economically viable.

ACTIA Telecom's references in this sector attest to the sustainability, reliability and scalability of the systems and products the Group offers in France and abroad.

ACTIA solutions...

SCADA DMS for electrical power distribution networks (E.g.: Control Centres [BCC] backed up by a remote redundancy centre) - LTR9020

  • Telecontrol of catenary power supply networks for rail operators (E.g.: Turnkey substation control centres [SCCs] including laying out and furnishing the facilities) – LTR9080.

Multimedia transmission equipment: Modems, Front-end communication servers, Remote tripping systems, Microwave radio systems, etc. MUP90XX - PCZ9010 - FCZ9010 - TGSII

  • Related services: Radio Survey, Diagnostics, Recommendations, etc.

Decentralised automatic operations and Change-overs - CIP9010

  • Data acquisition and transmission for conventional stations: auxiliary station and status logger - PAS903X - CDE903X.
  • Local station supervision- SPN903X
  • Automation and integration of protection systems - CAP903X.
  • "All digital" and combined (migration) stations - CCN903X.