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SatCom network monitoring system

SatCom network monitoring system

With 30 years of experience in the satellite telecommunications sector, the Telecommunications division of the ACTIA group has developed a range of interface software and equipment to monitor a Satcom network of Earth stations from a control centre for commercial or military applications.

On-site or from a distant control centre, telecommunications, broadcast and satellite operators have rapid and secure access to the information they need to monitor and control the most complex and configurable network.

Developed with Windows, the monitoring software designed by ACTIA Telecom offers operators simple and effective means of monitoring and controlling a network of Earth stations.

The ACTIA range of monitoring software

  • For centralised monitoring: The DTG724 is a powerful PC with software for centralised monitoring of a network of Earth stations. This provides operators with an overall view of their station networks and access to the equipment, if necessary. This device is generally combined with DTG704s installed in the stations.
  • For local monitoring: The DTG704 is a powerful PC equipped with an interface bus and software. It can be used for local monitoring of an Earth station, by providing operators with an overall view of the station’s operation and access to the equipment, if necessary. Depending on the station's complexity and the quantity of equipment, the DTG704 can be combined with DTM20MKII-type management mediators.

Management mediators
ACTIA's management mediators ensure the interface between a management front-end server / supervisor and the managed or monitored equipment.

The DTM20MKII management mediator interfaces with the station equipment by dry loop, TCP/IP Ethernet, RS485 or modem.

Many DTM20MKII mediators have been installed worldwide and benefit from ACTIA’s expertise in remote management of Earth-stations and as a creator / integrator of turnkey stations.

ASTRIUM, CNES, DGA, EUTELSAT, FRANCE TELECOM, NATO and THALES are among those who have placed their trust in us.