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Power amplifiers

Actia Telecom, the telecommunications division of the Actia Group, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of power amplifiers for satellite transmissions.  For more than 30 years, ACTIA has developed a high-performance, innovative and reliable range of Tube amplifiers (TWTA), Klystron amplifiers, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) and amplifiers with an L-band up-converter (BUC). ACTIA's range of power amplifiers meets all of the satellite transmission requirements for both commercial and military applications, with rugged solutions qualified in numerous theatres of operations. ACTIA Telecom has deployed thousands of amplifiers that are used around the world, on land and at sea, to establish conventional telecommunication links, to broadcast TV and radio programmes, and for remote reporting stations, transportable or flyaway systems, secure high-speed communications and broadband IP access via satellite. ACTIA Telecom's expertise allows us to assist customers in choosing a tube or solid-state power solution that is optimal for the application in question.

ACTIA power amplifiers come in a 19" bay-mountable chassis model or in a sealed unit for outdoor use. We offer solutions in all satellite transmission bands: S band (2GHz), C band (6GHz), Ku band (14GHz), DBS Band (17GHz), Ka band (30GHz), Q band (44GHz), with power values ranging from 6W to 10kW.

Travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA)
ACTIA Telecom a wide range of single-band or multi-band TWT amplifiers for Satcom applications. Our offer covers needs for compact and robust amplifiers for outdoor integration on the arm of an antenna and amplifiers for use in a standard 19" indoor bay. ACTIA TWTAs use the latest generation multi-collector tubes that consume less per RF power watt and offer optimised heat dissipation. For our tube amplifiers, ACTIA Telecom also offers integration of a linearizer to increase the available power output for multiplexing applications. ACTIA Telecom has attractive TWTA solutions for very high-power emission, such as 2.5kW in X band or 750W in Ku band, or for power transmission at high frequencies, up to 350W in Ka band (30GHz) and 100W in Q band (44GHz).

Solid state power amplifier (SSPA)
ACTIA Telecom offers a wide range of solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) in a compact version for outdoor integration on the arm of an antenna or in a modular configuration in an indoor bay. We are a pioneer in the modular design of solid state power amplifiers, which make it possible to gradually reduce the output power and to maintain service during maintenance operations.

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Thanks to ingenious design, ACTIA amplifiers allow "plug and play" operations to be carried out without interrupting traffic and without specific advanced technical qualification. ACTIA Telecom offers reliable, auto-redundant and highly linear modular SSPAs, with power levels ranging from 500 to 2kW in S band, 200 to 800W in C band, 250 to 600W in X band and 250 to 500W in Ku band. When size is of utmost importance for compact integration close to the antenna source, ACTIA Telecom offers high-performance outdoor SSPAs (50W in Ku band Ku and 100W in X band). ACTIA Telecom has mastered SSPA design for LDMOS, GaAs and now GaN transistor technologies, in order to provide our customers with products optimised for specific requirements (performance, cost, consumption, etc.).

Amplifier with L-band up-converter (BUC)
ACTIA Telecom has outdoor amplifiers equipped with an L-band transposition option (BUC). This function allows customers to optimise their system architecture by directly applying their L-band output to the input of the amplifier performing the conversion to the appropriate transmission frequency. This function is very useful, especially with transportable or flyaway mobile stations to reduce the amount of equipment and bulk, and with fixed stations to limit loss of long interconnections up to the amplifier on the antenna.

RF sub-system
To ensure secure transmission or further increase the available power, ACTIA Telecom provides complete RF amplifier redundancy sub-systems (1+1, 2+1) or combination sub-systems in amplifier phase (up to 7kW in X band) with the required monitoring and management units. ACTIA Telecom produces these custom sub-systems for indoor integration or in sealed outdoor versions, adapting them to the constraints specified by the customer.

ACTIA Telecom also works closely with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop solid state and Klystron amplifiers with higher performance, particularly for communication missions with interplanetary probes.