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ACTIA offers products, systems and services to broadcast operators who wish to measure the quality of their digital radio broadcast service, and to companies operating wind farms in order to test the impact of their deployment on DTT broadcasting.

Digital radio monitoring
With over 30 years of successful joint projects with major players in Broadcasting, the ACTIA Telecom division of the ACTIA group fully understands the challenges that our customers' technical staff face every day. The monitoring solutions we offer benefit from this extensive experience, so that we can ensure quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Thanks to our international experience, with thousands of equipment items sold around the world, and our know-how in COFDM, radio frequency and network technologies, ACTIA Telecom offers the SDMB100, a DAB/DAB+ monitoring receiver with characteristics that make it well-suited to emission sites :

  • Analysis of RF parameters: power, MER, SNR.
  • Measure of an emitter's SFN drift.
  • Binary error rate.
  • High-level entry point.
  • High availability with the redundant power supply option.

The SMBD100 has standard features including a web server (HTML pages), an SNMP agent and an FTP server enabling full real-time verification of all measurement parameters, both locally and remotely.

It is already widely used in Europe at a number of sites: its robustness and incomparable value for performance make it the perfect solution for monitoring digital radio transmission networks.

Preventing risks of disturbance of DTT by wind turbines
Given the present focus on finding renewable energy sources, wind farms are increasingly being deployed in rural areas and on high points where the wind conditions are ideal.Wind turbines are very large and when their blades rotate, this can cause problems with DTT reception for those living near the wind farms.

ACTIA Telecom has been a player in the broadcasting and radio transmission sector for 30 years, and has played an active role in deploying the secondary network of DTT in France.

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Based on this solid experience, we have developed a simulation service with DTT reception measurements before and after a wind farm is installed.

Our Technical Support team is equipped with high-performance tools based on digital field models that can be used in any situation to simulate radio coverage (display on Google Earth), as well as specific measurement means.If disturbance is found, an additional study can be conducted in order to offer the best possible solutions: satellite reception, using a local emitter or iso-frequency re-emitter.

Solution integrators
Thanks to our two-fold experience as a designer of both broadcasting products and monitoring solutions, ACTIA offers expertise as a system architect and expertise on site.

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