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The ACTIA group has developed renowned expertise in designing and producing equipment and systems with high added value for telecommunications markets. This know-how is based around different hubs :

The growing demand for multimedia and bandwidth has led to the Broadcast market migrating towards new TV and radio standards: DVB-T2, DMB / DAB / DAB+.
ACTIA offers innovative equipment in the field of radio and TV monitoring.

Passenger transport
Addressing the new challenges of Urban and Rail transport: mobility, safety, and increased traffic are the challenges that face the sector’s partners and suppliers. ACTIA supports operators from these fields in the following skills :

  • On-board systems: control-command, power electronics, passenger information.
  • Broadband/mobility: wireless transmission, passenger entertainment.
  • Safety announcement infrastructure and systems.
  • Refurbishment / sustainability: expertise in safety, re-industrialisation, obsolescence management.

Energy – Aerospace - Defence
Successful cooperation with major players in transport and Energy distribution have led to ACTIA being renowned as a major player in the design and production of power grid management solutions. Its expertise in the fields of monitoring, telecommunications and control-command ensures its presence from the control centre to the power supply stations. This expertise is strengthened by recognised know-how in obsolescence management.

Telecommunications Network Infrastructures
Backed by its dual competence in electrical systems and telecommunications, ACTIA has developed a comprehensive offer of outdoor cabinet integration solutions for telecommunications equipment and has become a market leader with over 45,000 systems in use on numerous networks for mobile telephony, broadcasting and rail, both in France and abroad.

The Satcom expertise has evolved in order to offer the group’s customers, worldwide, high-quality advanced technical solutions that are cost-effective in three areas:

  • Amplifiers and RF sub-systems.
  • Earth stations for civil and governmental operators.
  • Network monitoring systems.

The Satcom activity has taken shape with major DGA programmes (French Army) and is gradually progressing with major programmes in France and abroad.