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Power conversion

ACTIA’s experience in power electronics has led to the development of generic solutions dedicated to energy conversion. Our power electronics units are manufactured in large volumes for commercial and industrial vehicles (trucks and construction vehicles).

These solutions, which are suitable for all environments including harsh conditions, are used for charging Li-Ion batteries used for electric drive.

ACTIA is therefore the project leader in the development, production and manufacture of complex electromechanical systems, intended for the technologically-advanced vehicles of the future. These vehicles provide greater safety, enhanced performance and are more environmentally friendly. By teaming up with industrial partners, ACTIA is now a leading equipment manufacturer in the design, development and production of a full drive train system intended for electric vehicles.

Drawing on this technological library, ACTIA offers a range of products adapted to the functions of new vehicles: monitoring of electrical and safety functions (ISO 26262), battery charging systems and energy conversion for auxiliary systems, etc.


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