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High-voltage electronic

Solutions for HIGH VOLTAGE safety

A range of Voltage Detection Boxes and High-Voltage RELAYS for the railway sector.

Embedded in locomotives, these products indicate the presence of a threshold voltage with high-brightness red LEDs and can be used to control the relay depending on a threshold voltage.

These products contribute to operator safety.

The range of products currently covers input voltages of 0 to 4000V DC or 0 to 1500V AC with boxes containing 1 to 4 lines.

The High Voltage relays can also have a 48V DC voltage switching threshold for applications related to human safety or to higher voltages (450V, 600V, etc.).

Designed to optimise their reliability and their service life in a railway environment, they take into account the specificities of High Voltage (creepage distance, rigidity, isolation, fire-smoke, etc.).

In addition to the current product range, ACTIA offers solid expertise in high-voltage safety applications. 

In compliance with railway standards EN50155, fire-smoke NF 16-101 and NFF 16-102, EN 45545, etc.

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