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Electric Drive

Electric Drive

ACTIA has extensive expertise in the electric mobility market. At the end of the 90s, the group was involved in the development of the electric Kangoo, producing the engine’s control electronics. This was a technical success that made ACTIA a pioneer in the electric drive field. Although the electric vehicle market did not dramatically take off in the years that followed, ACTIA extended its technological advantage in power electronics and energy management whilst maintaining its established know-how in automobiles and the automotive industry in general.

The electric vehicle market is now a reality in which ACTIA has a leading role. Over 5,000 vehicles are fitted with electric drive systems designed by ACTIA and manufactured on the group’s French production site. ACTIA's flexible and modular industrial organisation, ranging from small to large production, is a key success factor in this new electric vehicle market as the group is able to support the manufacturers from the start of the adventure.


A high-performance electric drive range
The Bolloré group’s BlueCar and the latest Blue Summer are fitted out with the ACTIA 50kW drive system. The latest range of the Gruau group's commercial vehicles (last-mile delivery vehicle), the Electron II meanwhile, (which has already been sold in various versions) is fitted with the 70kW. The electric drives for minibuses currently being developed will have this same 70kW-90kW power.

ACTIA expands its range with a new electric drive system 140kW-180kW which is aimed at commercial vehicles for passenger and good transportation.

The range of ACTIA drive systems is recognised for its energy performance and efficiency, which provide greater independence and reduce battery wear. Taking into account all of the challenges, from integration to vehicle operation, makes ACTIA’s offer both premium and "best value" which benefits from the group’s long-standing expertise in chassis/cab vehicle architecture and power electronics.

In addition, ACTIA is able to offer a range of batteries (specific know-how developed by the group’s German company), suitable converters and embedded telematic and diagnostic solutions. The electric vehicle is a strategic programme within the group which demonstrates its ambitions for different vehicle segments.

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