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Battery & management system

ACTIA develops modular battery systems. The specific development of components and the flexible and controlled design of the whole system mean they can be adapted to all constraints (particularly size) and guarantee interoperability and communication between each module.

The HE (high energy) or HP (high power) battery ranges meet the specific requirements of various business applications within the areas of activity addressed by ACTIA. They are available in the standard Lithium-ion, Lithium-titanate and Lithium-ferro-phosphate versions and may benefit from a rugged design enabling them to function in particularly harsh environments.

Combined with batteries, the ACTIA "Master 4" and "Slave 5" management systems ensure the sustainable operation of the batteries, whatever the technology used. These management systems simplify the analysis of battery use and performance. They are essential for monitoring the status of the battery’s various components and tracking the operating data.

They also protect the battery by preventing it from operating outside of its typical operating range and optimising its capacities by preventing under and overvoltage. The BMS actively ensures the charge balance of all of the battery’s cells.

All of these functions play an essential role in efficiency and battery life.

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