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Power electronics

Power electronics

The growth of ACTIA's activities on the electric vehicle market and the group's technological expertise in power electronics is not a "passing fad". These qualities are deeply ingrained in the group's ethos, and in its responsible approach to environmental issues.

As a leading automotive equipment manufacturer and producer of vehicle inspection lines, the environment is at the heart of ACTIA's activities and processes.

On-board power electronics in vehicles is an area of expertise which corresponds not only to technical skill, but also to ACTIA's values.

According to Jean-Louis Pech, president of the group's board of directors, "equipping electric vehicles is a major line of development for ACTIA; it reflects our commitment to the challenges of sustainable mobility."

Consequently, ACTIA has developed its expertise across the whole on-board offer of an electric vehicle: drive system, battery, battery management system and power conversion.

For ACTIA, Mobility and Intelligent Transport are not only synonymous with energy management - today, over 5,000 vehicles are operating with ACTIA electric drive systems - but also with connectivity. The group's know-how in telematics, diagnostics or fleet management services, and vehicle architecture - chassis and cab - is now at the heart of a platform of connected services. One of the objectives of this platform is to provide sustainable urban mobility.

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