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Obsolescence management

Obsolescence management

The durability expert
ACTIA, a European-based international group, delivers specific system sustainability solutions for In-service Support aimed at equipment subject to long development and use cycles.

Our department dedicated to dynamic obsolescence management guarantees in-service support for electronic systems, command/control systems, telecom systems, electronic boards and components in the fields of industry, energy - nuclear power in particular - aeronautics, transportation and defence.

Our know-how harnesses the power of four areas of expertise that contribute to finding a global or partial solution to your needs.

Expert and advice
The object of this upstream phase is to define needs based on an audit, and to build the sustainability blueprint incorporating not only In-service Support for systems and their components, but also facility and skills maintenance.

ACTIA provides an « expert structure » to deliver its delegated In-service Support service package.

The sustainability strategy recommended for each system component or board must respond to the following fundamental concerns:

  • Ensuring installation up-time by making sure spare equipment is available. Analysing obsolete parts without identified spares.
  • Ensuring equipment maintainability by the ability to correctly repair installed equipment. A preparatory repair analysis is performed on obsolete parts on a priority basis.

An item that has used our areas of expertise in the process of developing a global or partial solution will qualify to bear a label certifying its involvement with ACTIA's Sustainability Department.

Component management
To deliver In-service Support, you have to have all the components on hand, so an overall component sustainability process called the « Obsolescence Observatory » has been implemented.

The availability of components is no longer guesswork because of this active market watch:

  • Monitoring obsolescence status (GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and RED).
  • Obsolescence processing (Equivalent, purchase, engineering, cloning, redesign).

To better manage obsolescence, our proprietary iPerSyst software is used to manage a technology base or a customer parts base:

  • Tree structure management: functions, systems, boards, components.
  • Obsolescence measurement and sustainability projection.
  • Environmental (RoHS and REACH) and export standards (ITAR and EAR) information.
  • Processing: budgets, equivalencies and purchases.


Engineering and Manufacturing
For 30 years, ACTIA has been guaranteeing maximum quality standards for its clients at all stages of the product lifecycle:

  • A sustainability analysis is performed as soon as articles are designed (projection).
  • We then develop equivalent functions or components. Tests and qualifications are subsequently performed to validate equivalencies.
  • Our industrial equipment enables us to identically clone boards and electronic modules or redesign them with validation and qualification procedures.
  • All our products are assembled and integrated in our production facilities dedicated to small and medium production runs and compliant with quality and environmental standards. In fact, our industrial facilities boast a full range of certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IRIS, NADCAP, etc...

Purchasing and storage
With more than 10 years experience in sustainability and In-service Support, ACTIA has set up:

  • A purchasing team dedicated to sourcing components that are obsolete or in short supply, in relation with privileged players in the broker market.
  • A network of suppliers with whom we maintain long-standing partnerships with a view to permanent improvement.
  • Extensive international coverage, validated and certified by the Purchasing department of both the ACTIA group and its subsidiaries.
  • Systematic testing: batch consistency in partnership with testing labs and the repair workshops.

Purchasing involves long-term storage of electronic components to guarantee In-Service Support for equipment and the PCBs it contains.

ACTIA stores more than 2,000 electronic component references, either in Dry Packs (with routine air-tightness checks and replacement every 4 years) or in dry air cabinets.

Our storage facilities provide separate, secure areas in which temperature and relative humidity are monitored daily and servicing tasks are performed at the request of our customers.

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