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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

This activity of the ACTIA group offers electronics manufacturing services in a certified industrial environment: design, production and manufacture of circuit boards at the group's three production sites.

More than 4 million finished products leave the group's factories every year

  • Colomiers site (South of France) .
  • CIPI-ACTIA site (Tunis).
  • ACTIA Tunisia site (Tunisia).

A foothold in the Automotive industry on an international level
ACTIA is a leading player in the design, manufacture and diagnostics of electronic embedded systems for the Automotive sector.

Our organisation, resources and skills are dedicated to this demanding market.

With over fifteen subsidiaries and sites across all continents, our group applies Automotive industry standards to all of its developments and productions: ISO TS 16949 certified environments, PPMs, No repair, purchasing volumes, etc.

Integrated engineering
ACTIA has been designing and developing its products in the group’s design offices since the company was founded in 1986. The design offices are located near the group's production sites and now bring together more than 750 engineers and technicians. Technological innovation is supported by significant investments in Research and Development. Prior to its production services, ACTIA offers engineering expertise.

A high-performing industrial organisation
We have 3 production sites. Each one corresponds to a specific industrial model. These models are based on the markets, volumes and technologies; the one thing these all have in common is the flexibility required for implementing production at each product maturity phase.

Recently, the Colomiers industrial site (South of France) benefited from substantial investments to install a new medium production line and a mass production line. This mass production line has provided this factory with a completely modular production capacity (small, medium and mass production runs) in a highly certified industrial environment, which can meet the quality requirements of all markets.usines

Our E.M.S markets

Automobile & Automotive
Our industrial strength and competitiveness has earned us the confidence of major automobile groups in ACTIA's own products as well as in manufacturing services. For several years, we have been producing and assembling several thousand products per week and are recognised as a leading player within this Automotive sector.

With 20 years of experience in the rail sector, our project teams respond to the sector’s key players’ increasing need for technical expertise. They support our customers, starting from the design, in choosing technologies, processes and the test strategy, in order to guarantee an optimised manufacturing process. We have been IRIS certified since 2009.

Aerospace and Defence
In 2008 the ACTIA group was the first European EMS to be NadCap certified. For 15 years we have been producing circuit boards and electronic equipment in the civil and military aeronautics sector, including flight control-related avionics equipment. + Part 145. Actia offers its Design to Cost-oriented automobile expertise for DFM/redesign of circuit boards.

In this fast-growing sector, the Group is building on its experience gained in manufacturing respirator, x-ray camera, arthroscopy and body care systems, etc.

ACTIA manufactures and integrates a wide range of electronic and mechanical products, in various industrial sectors (home automation, power electronics)


A comprehensive service offer

Design for manufacturing
Backed by our integrated engineering, we are able to act quickly and ahead of time in the development of your complete products and systems, (whether it is routing assistance, placement, technological decisions, or design and production process suitability.)

We are experts in all of the processes and technologies for assembling circuit boards, lead and lead-free reflows, adhesive application, etc., x-rays, multi-purpose wave soldering or selective soldering, and have flexible coating capacities.

Our production strategy for assembled and tested elements is modular.

We have a completely flexible offer, from a production line dedicated to one product or a family of products to a specific production station.

The test strategy is developed in the early design phases. It is improved by the result of the Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis with the aim of monitoring our production and offering every guarantee to our customers.

Our logistics know-how covers all activities: transport, customs, regular and ad-hoc flows, and Vendor Management Inventory.

Our teams manage the entirety of the Supply Chain with direct delivery to our customers/to our customers’ customers from our unique Front office production sites: sales administration, planning

Since 2011 we have been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (OEA).

Our international expansion has enabled us to be closer to the global markets.

Substantial purchasing volumes that have been negotiated, either with distributors or directly with manufacturers, have enabled Actia to be competitive in all of its markets.

Our organisation helps us to meet customer requirements in terms of suppliers, whilst proactively proposing alternative sources.

In-Service Support
The ACTIA group offers specific know-how in ensuring system durability, for the In-Service Support of critical electronic systems. It brings together various skills centres that may be called upon when looking for a comprehensive or partial solution.

Continuous improvement
Our Lean Manufacturing and Soft Automation approach means we can offer a cost-effective solution in order to optimise resources and avoid waste.