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Telematics and Connectivity for Commercial Vehicles

Telematics and Connectivity for Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle connectivity is the key to mobility-related challenges. It is the basis for interaction between the vehicle, its driver and passengers with their environment. It provides greater comfort for passengers and guarantees them improved safety. It offers driving assistance and facilitates vehicle maintainability throughout its life cycle to optimize vehicle fleet operation.

The ACTIA group has developed renowned know-how in communicating vehicles, whether for cars or industrial and commercial vehicles. Over one million telematics units have been produced by the group's factories in the last two years. This comprehensive know-how extends from on-board telematics platforms, to web portals for remote vehicle maintenance and diagnostics services. More generally, it can be used to operate fleets with geo-location, data management for driver activity and eco-driving, etc.

The offer for commercial vehicles is based around a high-performance telematics platform - TGU for Telematic Gateway Unit. The TGU may be either combined with a connected services portal for fleet management developed by ACTIA - ACTIA Fleet - or compatible with manufacturers', operators' and carriers' connected services portals.

The TGU (Telematic Gateway Unit) is equipped with latest generation mobile communication capabilities (Wifi, BT, 3G-4G/LTE optional) for wireless communication of data, collected from other on-board ECUs (via CAN or Ethernet), or positionning information collected with a latest-generation GNSS receiver. Its communication capabilities make it possible to offer all services expected from Wi-Fi broadband: on-board internet, real-time CCTV, passenger information, passenger infotainment, etc. For wired connectivity, Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 ports are available, to connect a multitude of peripheral devices and accessories to the TGU.

It is compliant with the most demanding requirements of automotive environments. Conceived with ACTIA technologies and with experience from OEM products, the TGU is suited to the connectivity needs of trucks, buses and coaches as well as special vehicles.TGU VRM