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Telematics and Connectivity

Telematics and Connectivity

Since 2005, as Europe’s leading supplier of telematics equipment for commercial vehicles. While our position in the market for industrial and commercial vehicles, we have recently taken on the challenge of telematics for passenger cars. Now supplier to premium brands such as Volvo Cars and Jaguar Land Rover, ACTIA's production of telematics equipment continues to increase.

Over one million telematics units have been produced by the group’s factories in the past two years. This success in telematics is the result of high-performance engineering combined with ACTIA’s dual expertise in communication technologies and vehicle architecture. ACTIA’s world-first on-board telematics platforms (TGU range commercial and industrial vehicles and ACU range for light vehicles) ensure the connectivity of vehicles with their environment. Their openness makes it possible to interface with different service portals offered by manufacturers. With open and communicating systems, these units support long, medium and short range radio technologies, and "Security & Safety" technologies. They draw on collaborative and flexible software and hardware design methods. ACTIA's design-for-manufacturing know-how has allowed production constraints to be taken into account for large and medium production runs.

Our on-board solutions are enhanced by a global offer in connectivity and services, targeted to fleet managers and professionals from maintenance, repair and vehicle inspection centre networks.