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Rugged vehicle architecture, scalable and flexible solutions that integrate safety requirements from the design stage onwards.
For 30 years the group has demonstrated its know-how in industrial and commercial vehicles and automobiles. In particular it has established itself as a leading player in multiplexed electronic architectures. Much more than just a product supplier, ACTIA works in partnership with its customers to develop systems with high added-value.

Backed by an overall system approach to automotive functions and systems, ACTIA offers modular, high-performing and optimised architecture. ACTIA has opened up to services and telematics equipment: fleet management solutions, diagnostics and remote diagnostics, while remaining compatible with proprietary management applications. Optimising the vehicle’s level of service, by taking the maintenance and machine diagnostics into consideration in advance, is an essential asset for vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers.

By developing architectures to specifications, or offering platforms that allow each customer to make changes to their vehicle architectures, ACTIA adapts to the needs of customers and their degree of control over their architecture. ACTIA’s generic and flexible solutions make it possible to develop a dedicated and efficient architecture.

The design of ACTIA’s products takes into account increasingly complex safety requirements.

We support our customers throughout the safety analysis process, from the electrical design of equipment up to certification.

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