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Electronic diagnostics

ACTI-DIAG: global diagnostics solution
In 1985, ACTIA invented the first diagnostics tool. Today, the group is the diagnostic partner of major automobile and industrial or commercial vehicle manufacturers. Bolstered by this experience, ACTIA has set up dedicated solutions for the different requirements of Automotive markets. This offer provides hardware and software, as well as services. Diagnostics constraints are taken into account right from the vehicle design stage, in order to provide optimized solutions from the factory production phase to maintenance and repair of vehicles in the field.

ACTI-DIAG is an innovative and modular solution, integrating the different business line protocols. We can deliver turnkey diagnostics solutions, or customers can develop solutions using our design tool. On-board diagnostics, end-of-line factory diagnostics, or off-board diagnostics (roadside or workshop): we provide a comprehensive offer ranging from diagnostic data management, to method development, to the design and production of technical interfaces (rugged PCs, latest generation touch screen tablets, etc.), to the implementation of communication protocols to ensure vehicle connectivity.

ACTIA's participation in numerous standardisation committees, alongside vehicle and equipment manufacturers, gives our customers the guarantee of a lasting partnership, based on the best technologies. The group's expertise in diagnostics is completely unique, because it is enriched not only by our know-how in vehicle architecture, telematics or MMIs, but also by our mechanical and technical inspection skills since taking over the Muller Bem brand in 2003.Box