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Off-Highway Controllers-Instrumentation-Displays

ECU : Electrohydraulic control & with safety featureslogo SIL2 bis
ACTIA offers an overall system approach to vehicle functions and provides a scalable range of rugged modules for harsh environments.

SPU: Safety Power Units for hydraulic functions control
From the compact SPU 25-15 to the SPU 70-66 that manages complex applications, ACTIA offers a modular range of products that integrate safety constraints and diagnostic functions in compliance with ISO standard 13849 (Pld)/IEC61508 (SIL2).

ISO 25119 / ISO 15998 / EN 13000 / EN 15000 / ISO 13849 - ISO 26262 / ISO BUS - ISO 11783

  • Smooth electrohydraulic functions and high movement precision.
  • SIL2/Pld safety-driven products facilitate your certification process.
  • Improvement of diagnostic capacities for efficient vehicle maintenance.
  • Products that comply with Automotive quality standards, designed for harsh environments.
  • Off-the-shelf products for modular integration.

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Advanced Power Unit
I/O extender (slave mode) for lights, windscreen wipers, motors and other electrically-controlled functions.

Plug and Play module with compact form factor.

Easy configuration to suit to your application through software configuration.

ISO 25119 / ISO 15998 / EN 13000 / EN 15000 / ISO 13849 - ISO 26262 / ISO BUS - ISO 11783

SPU range

MMI : scalable range of intelligent displays, clusters & gauges
ACTIA offers fast and user-friendly Man/Machine Interfaces dedicated to Off-Highway, Military and Marine market.

Hardware off-the-self, customized and bespoke.

  • Rugged touchscreen or non-touchscreen IP65/IP67 MMIs.
  • Brightness up to 1000 nits, Contrast Ratio up to 800 nits.
  • Landscape and portrait.
  • Numerous interfaces (CAN (incl NMEA, LIN, USB...).
  • Video capabilities.
  • Increased embedded diagnostic capabilities.
  • Graphical User Interface Tool for LCD Display customization.
  • Development languages = C, authoring tool, embedded wizard, etc.

MMI range OffHighway


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