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Electronic vehicle management

Electronic vehicle management

Electronic vehicle management has been at the very core of ACTIA’s business since its creation in 1986. This field of expertise covers the design and production of chassis and cab modules that make up a vehicle’s electronic architecture. Originally, the ACTIA group positioned itself in the various small and medium production run segments, therefore concentrating on developments and production dedicated to commercial and industrial vehicles. This specialisation has led to ACTIA now being a major player for electronic on-board systems for harsh environments. As a partner of major car manufacturers, ACTIA has been involved in the growing momentum of vehicle electronics that fulfil the safety, environment and comfort requirements expected by the various stakeholders of these sectors.

The multiplication of on-board ECUs and displays in vehicles, responds to the multiplication of expected functionalities. Vehicle architectures are becoming increasingly complex and, alongside traditional architectures, multiplexed architectures are being developed. ACTIA is one of the pioneers in this area. The group has integrated services into its offer which allow its customers to develop customized modular architectures.

The growing momentum of electronics solutions in vehicles, requires new tools to maintain the vehicles optimise their levels of service. ACTIA’s expertise in vehicle electronic diagnostics therefore supports the group’s expertise in on-board systems. In ACTIA’s value proposition, the two go hand in hand.

Numerous functions are now expected of vehicles by all players (from the manufacturer to the final user, who might be the passenger or the driver, with operators, public or commercial transport professionals, repair workshops, etc. in between) which require vehicle electronics to produce increasingly more data to be transmitted and processed. With regard to this, ACTIA has developed a premium offer in telematics and data management services.