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Projects to dispose of non-strategic businesses

January 2022 Investors news

Projects to dispose of non-strategic businesses


ACTIA, a French family-owned industrial group at the cutting edge of electronics in the fields of transport (Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Rail, specialist vehicles), aerospace and power, announces a study into structural projects for the disposal of non-strategic businesses in order to strengthen its financial position.

Reassured by the ongoing growth in its order book, which will allow it to aim at sales of €800 million within the next four years, ACTIA Group is planning to dispose of non-core businesses in order to achieve this objective. These structural projects will further enhance the Group’s financial room to manoeuvre, while it has already secured its financial resources by obtaining 100% of the State-backed loans (PGE) requested in 2021, a total of €50.7 million, following the €41.4 million set up in 2020. Furthermore, assuming that certain covenants might not be met at 31 December 2021 (ratios not yet established to date), in December ACTIA obtained waivers for the application of the covenants from all the banking partners in question (less than 20% of the total debt).

Whereas they will also have the effect of allowing the Group to focus its investments on technological activities with greater added value, the planned disposals will enable ACTIA to accumulate more resources to drive its policy of innovation while supporting its customers who face many challenges in the world of electronics, and create the right conditions to pursue further growth.

To this end, negotiations are underway with potential partners.

At the end of the 2021 financial year, ACTIA Group confirms the growth of its business with sales close to €460 million, compared to €438.5 million in 2020, despite the major difficulties with supplies of components. For 2022, ACTIA Group still has a full order book, enabling it to pursue its growth trend, despite being hampered by the difficulties in the components market.




  • Q4 2021 and annual turnover: Tuesday 22 February 2022 (7 am).
  • 2021 Annual Results: Tuesday 29 March 2022 (7 am).
  • SFAF briefing: Wednesday 30 March 2022.


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