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Made in France

November 2015 News

Made in France

The commitment of the ACTIA group to industry in general and in particular to "Made in France" takes on its full sense with the creation this year of a new unit for the production of circuit boards which will complement the group's French production unit in Colomiers, near Toulouse (31).

Industry is a pillar of the ACTIA Group, a pillar that is inseparable from the group's performance in design and development. ACTIA's innovation is also evident in both the design offices as well as the production sites of this international group.

ACTIA is one of 35 intermediate-sized enterprises (ETI) being showcased by the "Des Usines et des Hommes" event, a photographic exhibition by the renowned photographer Thierry Bouët. ACTIA has been one of these "Made in France champions" since it was founded in 1986. The Colomiers (31) industrial site, near Toulouse, which is featured in this exhibition, employs almost 250 people. This factory produces and integrates circuit boards into on-board systems designed for the Automotive or Aeronautics sectors.

Maintaining and developing its production on French territory is part of ACTIA's economic and social commitment as an intermediate-sized, family-owned company. This is demonstrated by the investments made in 2014, with the acquisition of a new 4000 m2 plot to expand the factory and more recently, the commitment of 3.5 million euros to implement a new CMS mass production line, thus supplementing the plant's small- and medium-run capacity. The implementation of this new line is accompanied by a major recruitment plan.

For the ACTIA group, the Colomiers industrial site is a veritable industrial showcase, a reference production tool of excellence thanks to its flexibility and technical expertise. This flexibility and technical expertise allow for a multi-technology and multi-market positioning: aerospace, automotive, electric vehicles, medical, rail, environment and more, which ACTIA places at the service of productions for third parties. Thus, the group's Manufacturing - Design & Services department offers electronic subcontracting services in the most certified industrial environment in Europe: prototyping, manufacturing and assembly of electronic circuit boards, component engineering, in-situ testing, maintenance in operational condition, etc. ACTIA's medium size and its positioning in particularly demanding sectors such as the automotive and aerospace industries, guarantee its commitments to Proximity, Quality and Competitiveness, and are a guarantee of economic sustainability and market adaptability.