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ACTIA, a major player in vehicle inspection in Georgia

December 2018 News

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At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Russia, Georgia has carved out a prominent position for itself. As a country that is evolving fast, it is looking to position itself on the international stage by addressing current challenges facing society: the environment and road safety. To address this, the country is introducing vehicle inspections. This is a real opportunity for ACTIA which is one of the industry’s worldwide leaders.


Georgia: an ecological and safety wake-up call

As a country making a priority out of road safety and the environment, the Georgian government has made these subjects major policy issues. One of the actions taken is to introduce vehicle inspections. This aims to reduce fatalities on the roads by ensuring the vehicles in circulation are in good condition, and improve air quality by reducing pollutant vehicle emissions.

The country is to introduce vehicle inspections for vehicles as of 2019 for all owners of cars over 3 years old. The owners must have their vehicles inspected every 2 years. To address this requirement, vehicle inspection operators Greenway Georgia and Applus have begun construction work on 26 vehicle inspection centres in line with European standards.

The opening of the centres should create 350 new jobs. This opportunity creates a real economic hub for a country undergoing huge change such as Georgia.


ACTIA joins forces with Greenway and Applus on the vehicle inspection market

Greenway and Applus were looking for the support of a player with solid international experience and recognised expertise in vehicle inspection solutions. As an industry leader, ACTIA has been selected to support the process of implementing vehicle inspections and to fulfil the requirements of the Georgian government.

By the end of this year, ACTIA will have equipped 26 centres incorporating 35 light vehicle lines and 13 heavy vehicle lines with its equipment: brake and suspension test benches, gas analysers and opacimeters, as well as headlight adjusters and OBD controllers.

Three mobile inspection centres (equipped semi-trailers) for light and heavy vehicles will travel across the country to get as close as possible to motorists and their needs. ACTIA is becoming the country’s most important equipment supplier and has taken 90% of the total market. This marks a new success for vehicle inspections in the export market.


ACTIA's vehicle inspection export business is booming

ACTIA offers robust solutions that are in line with local regulations in order to meet the requirements of each country. This adaptability is one of ACTIA's strengths in this market under high regulatory pressure.

The solutions offered by ACTIA fulfil the requirements of the three major players in vehicle inspection: public bodies, vehicle inspection centre networks and independent dealerships. These are three potential specifiers for ACTIA to demonstrate its ability to adapt and to trigger opportunities to set up in new countries.

The Group exports its solutions to every continent and to 80% of countries where vehicle inspections have already been implemented such as in Africa, Asia and Europe. ACTIA is now focusing its growth towards emerging countries looking to implement vehicle inspections, such as in South America and India. There are many opportunities to exponentially expand its business and reinforce its position as global leader.


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