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Equip'Auto 2015

October 2015 News

Equip'Auto 2015

"ACTIA specialises in the automotive industry and mobility in general. The company generates around €340m in revenue and employs 2,700 people throughout the world. We have around fifteen sites around the globe, with subsidiaries and a presence in around one hundred countries alongside our customers.

We won the Innovation Trophy in the connectivity category. This International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation trophy was awarded to Equip Auto for the product called iCAN.

iCAN is a unit that can be used to connect an unconnected vehicle, when it has already been put on the market. It is a unit that can be installed very simply after equipping the vehicle. It is plugged into what we call the OBD socket, the vehicle's diagnostic socket, and from then on, the motorist or the fleet manager can access a very wide range of services.

The main qualities of this product, which have effectively enabled it to stand out from the mass of OBD terminals available on the market, come from the fact that we were able to integrate all the ACTIA know-how. This means that in addition to the simple regulatory OBD information, we have been able to look for information on the multiplexed network, by listening to information flowing through the CAN network. We have also integrated the ACTIA multi-make diagnostic know-how into the unit, which provides the vehicle with a wealth of information that is much broader than the traditional offer in the sector.

ACTIA's main strength is investing in innovation. Currently, 15% of our revenue is reinvested in research and development. We know how to integrate this quality into our products, as we are an original automotive equipment supplier, which requires a really strong investment in the follow-up and quality of our products. In this aftermarket field, ACTIA's strength is that it is present on several levels. We are present at technical checks, which are a real laboratory of innovation for us, where we can test numerous software and vehicle testing innovations. We are also present in the workshop via our diagnostic know-how. We work on multi-make diagnostics, but also on manufacturer diagnostics, meaning we can really comply with repairers' needs. Today, through the iCAN, we are also present at vehicle level.

The whole challenge for ACTIA in the years to come will be to create links between these different areas, for a unique offer that will combine technical checks, the workshop and the vehicle. We will be able to connect all of this in a single system, which will help us be more innovative that ever, and to be unequalled in the repair industry."