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Zero paper: ACTIA's new environmental quest

May 2017 News

Zero paper: ACTIA's new environmental quest

True to its commitment to practical action in favour of the environment, ACTIA is developing processes and technologies intended to minimise the environmental impact of its own activities. In addition to the actions already in place - reduction of pollutants in the manufacturing cycle, waste management, implementation of the Green Mobility in-house programme, etc., - today ACTIA unveils its "Zero paper" experiment, a production data dematerialisation programme controlled by the Operations Division, which has set electronic documentation management as a major priority.

With the creation of a "Zero Paper" portal, ACTIA aims at cutting paper consumption, not just by reducing the consumption of wood as a raw material, but also by taking on the whole value chain of paper within the company, and of everything that results from its use: its transport, printing, archiving, storage, distribution and sharing, reprographic printing, manual processes and employee productivity. The dematerialisation of documents is undoubtedly one of the major challenges ACTIA's environmental policy is faced with.

The portal developed within the Group's Industrial Studies Division is ergonomic and customisable according to the production station. It reduces entries by the operators, centralises business applications and physically clears the workstation. The platform also includes the operators' training matrices, an additional security lock in the manufacturing process. The advantages for users are manifold, and the benefits in terms of productivity and traceability testify to ACTIA's quality commitment towards its customers.

Setting up such a powerful tool at the core of the industrial processes entails reviewing the organisation of the departments concerned and providing support to the employees on the road to change. This experiment illustrates ACTIA's capacity for self-questioning and for mobilising its resources around a common goal.