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World champions prefer ACTIA Multi-Diag

September 2019 News

World champions prefer ACTIA Multi-Diag

Joint interview with the repair professionals who won the EURO REPAR CAR SERVICE 2018 world championship, and who use ACTIA's multi-make diagnostics and repair tool solution.

PSA organised its 8th Expert Technical Advisors World Cup which, for the first time, included its multi-make repair network, Euro Repar Car Service. Based on the same principle as the PSA group's competition, and following a theory-based shortlisting by country, 5 national teams of 2 repair professionals were selected to participate in the technical events taking place in France. Spain (with more than 700 garages) was the big winner, followed by France (1,430 garages), with Brazil (80 garages) finishing third.

It was an opportunity for ACTIA to meet the winners and world champions who use ACTIA’s Multi-Diag diagnostics and repair solution on a daily basis: MANUAL FORNET from Motor Coria Norte (Coria, Cáceres, Spain) and RUBÉN CASTÁN from Automóviles Laguna (Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, Spain).



What are your views on Multi-Diag’s user-friendliness and ease of adoption? The range of vehicle makes covered?

MANUEL FORNET: "It has very wide vehicle coverage. We are satisfied with it, except for Asian vehicles where more models need to be covered. Rather than commenting on how easy it is to adopt the tool, I prefer to highlight the wealth of its content for diagnostics and repair."

RUBÉN CASTÁN: "I currently have a MULTI-DIAG 360 and am quite happy with it. I found it more intuitive and easier to use than the previous version, and I like the new interface a lot. I’ve had no coverage problems for current vehicles and the vehicles coming into our garage. I had some difficulties with older vehicles but the ACTIA Technical Assistance Service helped and provided me with a solution very quickly."

MD360 XL

What are your thoughts on the ACTIA brand in general?

MANUEL FORNET: "It's a very large international company that manufactures all types of tools and electronic equipment for the automotive sector. From its huge range of activities, I’d highlight its significant relationship and collaboration with the PSA group."

RUBÉN CASTÁN: "I think ACTIA is a great brand that provides good technical service. In my opinion, the training service needs to be improved to allow users to take full advantage of the power of their tool. Their commercial presence should be expanded too."


Would you recommend the Multi-Diag tool to your colleagues?

MANUEL FORNET: "YES, I’d recommend it. It's a great diagnostics tool with enormous potential, value for money, and a good market position, although there’s always room for improvement."

RUBÉN CASTÁN: "Based on my experience with this tool, yes, I’d definitely recommend it. I've recommended it to several garages. Some of them have purchased it and others haven't yet because they couldn’t attend a demonstration of the tool in our workshop by ACTIA staff. I think we need more training because many repair professionals don't yet know the full potential of this tool."



Let's not forget that the ERCS network has quickly grown to become a benchmark, winning Décision Atelier’s Grand Prix of Networks seven times at the end of 2018. This is a record and a first for a company of manufacturing origins.

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