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Tony Malaterre: World expert in vehicle standardisation

February 2019 News

Tony Malaterre: World expert in vehicle standardisation
  • Chairman of the French delegation to ISO TC22/SC31 Road vehicles/data communication.
  • Convenor of ISO TC22/SC31/WG5 Test equipment/data exchange formats.
  • Recently appointed temporary convenor of TC22/SC31/WG10 Peri-vehicular data communication.
  • Expert in numerous working groups relating to vehicle communication.


"It is hard to imagine a world without industrial standards. Standards are publications that define the characteristics and procedures that aim to optimise the reliability of products and services used on a daily basis. They arise from the consensus reached by the stakeholders of the activity in question, to fulfil economic, regulatory and/or interoperability requirements.With the advent of CAN bus and the resulting multiplexed vehicle architecture, automotive industry standards emerged in 2003, with the aim of improving the functioning of products, their compatibility with the vehicles and the other products they comprise. The standards provide for ongoing interaction and guarantee the safety of motorists.

Vehicle standards simplify product and service development and speed up the process of bringing them to market. Standardisation communities within a standards development organisation, such as SAE, IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) or ISO (International Organization for Standardization), objectively assess the practicality and significance of a potential standard and then develop the standard which, once accepted, is distributed and managed by the organisation that produced it.

I have been representing ACTIA within the worldwide standardisation community since 2003. I lead several working groups on vehicle communication within ISO TC22/SC31, and contribute to work relating to automotive diagnostics and vehicle communication protocols. These groups of world experts, manufacturers and equipment manufacturers pool their knowledge to develop international standards that are now widely used in the automotive industry. As an ACTIA diagnostics expert, I defend the interests of equipment manufacturers in the development of standards as well as in technological and economic decisions.

ACTIA incorporates the latest standardisation requirements right from the design process for its products, and is able to offer its customers products and services that meet the latest standards."