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The atmosphere is electric at ACTIA!

March 2017 News

The atmosphere is electric at ACTIA!

Two months ago, as part of its internal program EcoMobile Good Practices, ACTIA installed two electric vehicle charging points on its head office site in Toulouse (France). The initial feedback from the employees using this service is very encouraging. The charging and management equipment, provided by the local company Ze-Watt, allows two vehicles to be charged simultaneously. By way of incentive, ACTIA bears the cost of electricity consumption during the first year of use. This pilot scheme could trigger electric vehicle purchases according to Jérôme Guilhas, a regular user: “Several colleagues approached me to get information on how to choose an electric vehicle model as they were interested in buying one. The charging terminal at our workplace has clearly swayed their decision to take the leap”.

This preliminary phase has therefore made it possible to assess a real need. It has brought to light the intention of (many) some employees to switch to an electric car because of ecological concerns (conviction), as well as for economic reasons, as their home-to-work commute accounts for a major part of their regular car travels. For employees living in apartment buildings, the installation of charging terminals at their workplace determines their decision to switch to an electric car, since they often do not have the means to charge their vehicle at home.

This scheme will run its course and will be developed during the year as more and more employees switch to electric vehicles. Moreover, the construction of a new building at the Group’s head office means that 20% of the parking spaces will be pre-wired as provided for in the decree implementing the Energy Transition Act of 13 July 2016.


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