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The TGU, ACTIA’s ITxPT Gateway, receives ITxPT certification

September 2018 News

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ACTIA’s Communication Gateway receives ITxPT certification according to latest ITxPT V2.0 specifications

ACTIA is proud to offer for sale its TGU-1A unit, the Telematics on-board computer now ITxPT certified according to the latest V2.0 specifications. This certification guarantees interoperability and plug and play in ITxPT vehicle architectures; it was obtained following the successful tests carried out on the reference platform of the ITxPT association.
A communication gateway provides features essential for operating an ITxPT architecture, notably data-sharing mechanisms and protocols within the vehicle and with the back offices.


«The ACTIA Gateway concentrates 15 years of the Group’s expertise in Telematics. It is an open product that can be adapted to all ITxPT architectures. It offers connectivity to OSS (Operational Support System), PIS (Passenger Information System), Ticketing and other back offices. It can be integrated into the original equipment and guarantees vehicle manufacturers the advantage of all of ACTIA’s know-how in vehicle architecture with a product designed, developed and manufactured in a context of large-scale automotive quality. It has already proven its merits on more than 10,000 buses operating in Europe. Available now in the ITxPT version, it is being rolled out first in France, England, and Scandinavia.»
Marc MENVIELLE, Deputy Head of the Aftermarket Department - ACTIA.


Sharing hardware resources

With ACTIA ITxPT certified modules (Ethernet Switches, Gateway, Multi-Applications Driver Terminal [MADT]), the hardware resources become common and are made available to all on-board systems: For example, the ACTIA GSM and WIFI communication gateway is a “router” shared by all applications; its GPS and FMStoIP features provide the precise location and CAN technical data of the vehicle to all on-board systems.

The ACTIA Gateway offers much more...

ACTIA’s Gateway is a multifunctional telematics unit: it opens the vehicle to multiple additional services both in first fitting and retrofitting: Eco-driving, Social data, Breathalyser, Remote diagnostics, etc.

The Gateway, a simplified installation with substantial cost reduction and greater reliability

In short, this means fewer antennas, simpler installations, greater reliability and maintainability. Thus, an OSS-PIS application can use the communication module of another supplier, but also share the information from all the applications between them. For example, it can very easily share the driver’s ID, the route number, number of passengers, etc. In the same way, vehicle technical data is shared in real time with all the on-board systems. This data is sent to the central office, which can in turn share it with all the peripheral applications, for use by operators, organising authorities, vehicle manufacturers and integrators.

A standard communication protocol: how does it work?

Communication protocols are common between modules, based on mDNS, DNS-SD and also the MQTT protocol widely known in the IoT. Specifically, the modules of a service-oriented architecture speak the same “language”, and are thus able to recognise one another and discover the services present in the vehicle, without prior configuration.


«The ACTIA Gateway can be adapted to all back-office solutions and to existing mobile applications. It opens up certified ITxPT services such as Telecommunications & Router (Gateway), inventory of on-board systems (Inventory), time (TIME), localisation (GNSS), vehicle technical data (FMStoIP) and communication (MQTT). All of these features help improve fleet and asset management, reduce operating costs, and increase vehicle operating rates and network efficiency.»
Nicolas BEAULIEU, Marketing & Sales, ACTIA Connected Vehicles Department.


Certifications for the ACTIA range of modules in 2018

In 2018, ACTIA’s range of hardware modules and applications was stamped ITxPT. After the AES2 Ethernet switch, the TGU1A gateway, then the IHMI-MADT, will follow the certification of the new generation of Multi-Application Driver Terminals - MADTv2, and the passenger information screens.

So, watch this space!


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