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  • The 'Greater Paris' showcase of ACTIA's expertise for international influence

The 'Greater Paris' showcase of ACTIA's expertise for international influence

December 2017 News

The 'Greater Paris' showcase of ACTIA's expertise for international influence

ACTIA Group has just launched the project for its future skill centre devoted to equipment for repair shops and technical inspections. The skill centre is located in the Jardin d’Entreprises business park in Chartres, France. This business park is ideally located right near the Chartres ring road and the RN10 and A11 motorways, which lead directly to Paris. ACTIA Group has been in the Chartres area since 1994. With this project, the company intends to support growth of its technical inspection and repair shop equipment businesses in France and internationally with some major real estate investments.

As part of ACTIA's overall strategy for 360° customer relations, this site is designed to be innovative and welcoming. The future building will cover 9,300 square metres and bring together all customer service (sales, after-sales services, customer interfacing, etc.), manufacturing and logistics functions. It will also include a training centre for distributors. This project also contributes to the company's ambition to maintain total control over manufacturing processes. ACTIA has historically favoured the ‘made in France’ model and is growing its production capacity for its high-tech products in the country. In keeping with the major investments made by ACTIA at the company's headquarters, as well as at a neighbouring industrial site in the south of France, and the notion of quality synonymous with French excellence... ACTIA's production sites offer a certified environment and high-tech manufacturing equipment, in compliance with the very rigorous requirements of the automotive industry and the aeronautics industry, another major area of business for ACTIA Group.


Fabrice Marin« This investment in real estate and the company's structure supports ACTIA's commitment to its after-market business, particularly the company's desire to ramp up the services that it offers to its customers. This infrastructure project is one of our tools for industrial growth. For repair shop and technical inspection equipment, ACTIA favours the ‘made in France’ model, which is to say high-tech products designed and manufactured in France. This allows ACTIA to maintain complete control over manufacturing processes in a demanding and changing regulatory environment. »

Director of Facilities and Services - ACTIA After-Market Department.