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SANIFLUX: virucidal treatment for the vehicle ventilation system

July 2020 News

SANIFLUX: virucidal treatment for the vehicle ventilation system

The crisis we are experiencing and our obligations to protect staff and customers in the automotive industry have led us to implement effective solutions for disinfecting vehicles, especially against viruses.

To support the health protocols being implemented across all professions in the field - repair workshops, rental companies, car-sharing schemes, driving schools, road passenger transport - ACTIA is offering the SANIFLUX solution in France. This patented solution, certified according to the EN14476 standard, sanitises and disinfects the vehicle’s air-conditioning/ventilation system. It is particularly effective against viruses, including Covid-19.



Vehicle sanitation: an essential treatment.

The crisis we are experiencing and our obligations to protect staff and customers have led us to implement effective, but most importantly, virucidal, disinfecting solutions, so that the various contact points within the vehicle, such as the seats, control buttons, steering wheel, gear shift, keys, etc., stay clean.

The air in the passenger compartment contains microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and other pathogens. These circulate via the ventilation system, the filters, the ducts and the exchanger, and colonise in both the heating and air-conditioning systems.

To help professionals meet this health requirement, known as vehicle sanitation, ACTIA is offering a patented solution (Nr. EP2349755) on the French market through its partner Ecotechnics, for sanitising and disinfecting your vehicle's ventilation/air-conditioning system.

A solution which is effective against viruses, including Covid-19, and certified according to the EN14476 standard.



A virucidal solution that complies with European regulations.

Various solutions are already available on the market, but not all of them are virucidal. Most use ozone at too low a threshold, meaning they are only effective against bacteria.

ACTIA's disinfectant solution is used in hospitals. In conjunction with the SANIFLUX ultrasonic spray, it is certified against:

  • Viruses, as classified by European standard EN14476.
  • Bacteria, as classified by European standards EN13697, EN1276, EN1650, EN13624, EN13727, EN14562 and EN14561.



An enhanced, cost-effective service which promotes customer loyalty.

Treating vehicles with SANIFLUX is an efficient and safe sanitary solution for many professionals in the automotive industry, especially in the car-sharing sector, but also for repair workshops, rental companies, driving schools and road passenger transport.

The SANIFLUX solution also caters to workshops providing spare parts and repairs, allowing professionals to offer their customers and potential customers a safe and reassuring disinfecting solution.

As well as being a sanitary procedure, disinfecting the ventilation/air-conditioning system is a way to draw in customers and gain their loyalty. This service could, for instance, be offered on a commercial basis each time the customer brings their vehicle to the workshop, or depending on the level of services charged.

As a charged service, SANIFLUX is highly profitable during this period of recovery after the two challenging months we have endured. For example, if the service is charged at €10, with an average of five vehicles treated per day, the SANIFLUX solution becomes profitable in less than 20 days of activity!



An effective, solvent-free spray treatment.

SANIFLUX is an ultrasonic spray that converts disinfectant liquid into an aerosol. It circulates around the passenger compartment via the ventilation system when the latter is in “interior air recirculation” mode. It disinfects the filters, ventilation ducts, the exchanger and, when the air-conditioning system is on, the evaporator.

The disinfectant liquid used with the SANIFLUX spray is environmentally friendly, ready-to-use and solvent-free. It is safe for the user and is effective against various types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also gets rid of unpleasant odours.

The SANIFLUX spray treatment can be used on all vehicles (light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches), with a recommended treatment time varying from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the volume to be treated. Treatment can be carried out whilst other services on the vehicle are in progress.