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Q3 2019 Turnover

November 2019 News

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Turnover for the third quarter 2019 reached €117.4 million, an increase of 13.0% compared to the same period 2018. This good level of business has been driven by growth in the 3 segments of the Automotive Division, largely offsetting the unfavourable basis of comparison, which was nevertheless expected, for the Telecommunications Division.

Over the first 9 months of 2019, sales totalled €381.6 million, an improvement of €51.1 million or 15.5%, in line with the full year objective of €520 million. In a market for cars and heavy goods vehicles where the slowdown seems to be a definite trend, ACTIA Group benefits from balanced growth spread across the historical automotive business, new developments in telecommunications and in the high added value automotive segments (Buses & Coaches, Off-highway, Rail, Marine, etc.).


IFRS, in € millions
2019 *
2018 Var.
134.4 106.9 +25.7%
129.8 119.7 +8.5%
117.4 104.0 +13.0%
of wich Automotive
108.7 93.5 +16.3%
of wich Telecommunications
8.7 10.5 (16.7%)
9 month total 2019
381.6 330.5 +15.5%
of wich Automotive
341.0 301.9 +12.9%
of wich Telecommunications 40.6 28.5 +42.5%

* Unaudited Q3 (str July – 30 September) data.


For this third quarter, international sales represented 76.0% of the Group’s revenues, still driven, in addition to Egypt, by the growth in the automotive business in the United States, Belgium and China. The sales of foreign subsidiaries amounted to €69.2 million, an increase of 19.4%, while the French companies generated €48.2 million, up by 4.9%.

The Automotive Division, at €108.7 million, generated 92.6% of the Group’s quarterly revenues and enjoyed growth of 16.3%. The 14.9% improvement in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business, which represented 75.2% of sales, was the result of both an historical contract in the area of light vehicles and a number of successes enjoyed over recent years in the area of specialist vehicles (Off-highway, Buses & Coaches) that produced strong, fresh growth of 15.6% at 30/09/19. Having recorded growth of 4.7% across 9 months in 2019, telematics for HGVs nevertheless dropped away in the third quarter by 6.1%, in line with the overall slowdown in the market which occurred in September. The Manufacturer Diagnostics business, in which ACTIA is a key player with over 100,000 Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCIs) sold around the world and 40 factories equipped, contributed to progress in the OEM segment, especially thanks to campaigns targeting German customers. The Man Machine Interface (MMI) technologies and powertrains developed by the Group have enjoyed similar levels of sales.

Following a stable first half with growth of 3.6%, the Aftermarket business (12.7% of the Automotive Division’s sales) showed accelerated growth of 24.1%. Although Technical Inspection products remained sluggish pending regulatory decisions, new offers in the area of garage equipment and fleet management did well.

The Telecommunications Division represented 7.4% of the Group’s quarterly revenues, or €8.7 million. The third quarter saw a return to a more standard basis of comparison following the sharp upturn that began in the third quarter of 2018, with the start of a major SatCom contract in Egypt that is now entering its final phase. Apart from this contract, the technologies developed by ACTIA for communications satellites remain well known and have enjoyed further successes in terms of military procurement in France; other tenders are also ongoing and results are expected in the near future. Given the current product launches, ACTIA is also expecting an acceleration of the sales trend for connected systems in the field of Rail and for control and measurement technologies for the Smartgrid over the coming months. All of these are expected to contribute to continued slight growth for the telecommunications business on an annualised basis, following the very sharp rise in 2018 of 49.7% over 2017.



ACTIA Group has once again been included in the Gaïa Index, coming 29th out of 230 companies in the overall ranking and taking 4th place in its category of 70 companies with sales of between €150 and €500 million. Published in October 2019 by EthiFinance, the results show progress in all the Group’s ESG indicators.


Scores over 100 2018
2017 2016
71 60 58
78 65 55
91 84 73
External stakeholders
90 90 90
Overall score
80 70 64



On the one hand, ACTIA’s business is driven by the ramping up of a number of sources of growth in various areas and, on the other, by the extension of major automotive contracts. This development phase is gradually benefiting from the growing profitability of new contracts as they come on stream. Major investments continue to be made in infrastructure and new product development, as well as in terms of digitisation.

For 2019, ACTIA is forecasting sales of around €520 million, despite the slowdown in the car and HGV markets. This growth will result in higher EBITDA.



  • The 2020 financial calendar will be published in December.


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