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Q1 2018 turnover

May 2018 News

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Turnover for the first quarter reached €106.8 million, down by 5.0% compared to the same period in 2017. It was in line with the annual growth objective which calls for a gradual adjustment of sales as new contracts start to represent a larger proportion.

Sales by foreign subsidiaries were €58.2 million, down by 9.3% due mainly, to lower sales of telematic boxes for light vehicles (19.4%): the potential had been reached in mid-2017 and will soon be offset by the ongoing growth being delivered by the solutions provided for industrial vehicles and other market segments. Over the quarter, the adverse effect of the Swedish crown / US dollar exchange rate amounted to a negative €2.6 million in terms of revenue. Sales by the French companies were slightly up by 0.7% at €48.6 million.

Over the full period, international customers represented 71.7% of total sales.


In € millions 2018* 2017 Var. 2017(1)
Q1 106.8 112.5 (5.0)%  112.7
of which Automotive

* Unaudited data.
(1) Data published in 2017 excluding changes to IFRS 15.


The AUTOMOTIVE Division generated 92.8% of the Group’s quarterly revenue, but with a decline of 3.3%. Sales of telematic boxes for the quarter were slightly down by 5.8% due to the gradual rebalancing in the areas of heavy and specialist vehicles with new contracts offsetting the expected slowdown in light vehicles. The good performance of other equipment and services in the Original Equipment Manufacturers business unit helped to limit the decline to just 3.7%. The Aftermarket business unit has had an indifferent start to the year, with further changes to international regulations expected over the coming months in the field of technical inspection.

At the same time, the electric vehicle segment (power trains and batteries) continues to be restricted by the size of the end markets, but new opportunities are under development for specialist vehicles and urban transport.

The TELECOMMUNICATIONS Division represented 7.2% of the Group’s quarterly revenue, with a decline of 22.9% due to the breakdown of the order book in 2018. Sales are expected to reach the levels seen at end 2017 in the next quarter and grow from there. The business will be driven by the commercial successes of 2017 with increasing technological synergies with the Automotive business, brought about by the close relationship between mobility and connectivity in Transport (rail and air) and Energy.

On 25 April ACTIA filed its 2017 Reference Document with the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and also recently confirmed the renewal of the eligibility of its shares in the PEA-PME (SME) scheme.


2018 OUTLOOK (reminder)

For 2018, ACTIA has set itself the objective of moderate growth with fully restored profitability despite the expected continuation of supply problems in the international market for components.

The Automotive Division will continue to replace (nearly 10% of its sales) the historical contract by the development of new contracts in diverse market segments (both geographically and in terms of business), in order to reduce its exposure to commercial risk. Furthermore, the strengthening of its partnerships with Alstom and Airbus provides further confirmation of the Group’s prospects in Rail and Aeronautics. Lastly, the Telecommunications Division is all set to enjoy robust growth in the current year.

With high-performance industrial facilities, even greater international potential, a solid financial situation and a widely acknowledged capacity of innovation in fields of strategic excellence, ACTIA is confident in its ability to pursue its strategy of profitable growth.



The Supervisory Board plans to propose distribution of a dividend of €0.12 per share at the Ordinary General Meeting to be held on 30 May 2018. The ex-coupon date will be 13 June 2018 and the dividend will be paid on 15 June 2018.



  • Ordinary General Meeting: 30 May 2018
  • Q2 2018 turnover: 1 August (before trading)


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