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PODIUM 2 poised to capture China

May 2017 News

PODIUM 2 poised to capture China

ACTIA will participate in the new edition of the Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components in Shanghai. The exhibition is the annual meeting for the Chinese bus industry that focuses on the trends in technical developments in passenger transport. It mainly attracts the latest industrial developments, products, technologies, buses, coaches and related components. China is the world leader in the manufacture of buses, but also in the use of this means of transport.

ACTIA has been present in China for 14 years and boasts a customer base of leading manufacturers to which it provides cutting-edge electronic solutions. This mature immersion is a tremendous asset in this product launch strategy that requires a good cultural and technical knowledge of the customer. It is precisely this deep understanding of the requirements and needs of the Asian market that allows ACTIA to offer a new version of the dashboard for PODIUM 2 city buses. This locally assembled technological product is perfectly adapted to this highly specific market. Podium 2, an adaptation of the concept of drivers cab tried and tested in Europe, illustrates the Group’s ability to rethink a flagship product and integrate new value chains to meet local expectations.

Finally, the confidence factor in China is very important. With ACTIA, Chinese manufacturers benefit from the Group’s long-standing expertise in on-board electronics and the flexibility of a mid-sized and intermediate-sized company.

We can be sure that technology and the market will steal the show at the Buses & Trucks Exhibition in Shanghai.