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OPACI-DIAG, ACTIA’s answer to anti-pollution standards

October 2019 News

OPACI-DIAG, ACTIA’s answer to anti-pollution standards


Changing regulatory standards, new types of vehicles, increasingly complex vehicle diagnostics... This is the context in which ACTIA has drawn on the full range of its expertise to create an innovative, reliable tool. Opaci-Diag is an anti-pollution diagnostic and repair solution combining the authority of a Vehicle Inspection and the expertise of a multi-make diagnostic tool. In line with its eco-friendly commitments, ACTIA offers a device that measures the opacity of exhaust fumes, meets the applicable standards and provides step-by-step assistance throughout the diagnostic process.



Opaci-Diag quickly identifies all the parameters associated with electronic maintenance of the vehicle. It provides a way of measuring and checking the opacity of exhaust fumes. This simple, effective method puts car owners a step ahead of the game, by offering preventive maintenance along with ongoing Pre-Vehicle Inspection diagnostics.

The Opaci-Diag solution also helps identify faults related to the conformity of anti-pollution systems for diesel vehicles. It provides step-by-step assistance to repair workshops for diesel engine diagnostics, and guarantees they are fit for Vehicle Inspection. Easy-to-use, quick and high-performing, the tool enables workshops to increase the number of vehicles they handle every day, while confirming their diagnostics.

Opaci-Diag measures the opacity of exhaust fumes in exactly the same way as the Vehicle Inspection. Its clear, precise information provides quick access to all the essential electronic parameters required to identify the cause of an opacity issue. Quick and effective, it provides workshops with valuable diagnostic support and a way of increasing the number of vehicles they handle every day.



The NFR 10-025:2016 standard (for measuring the opacity of exhaust fumes) modifies the inspections performed on diesel vehicles. A new, more complex protocol is applied. It takes into account compliance with the exhaust fume opacity value provided by the manufacturer when the vehicle came off the assembly line (known as the “reference value”) and the OBD values that point to a pollution anomaly. Opaci-Diag meets the requirements of this standard and helps workshops perform inspections on diesel vehicles.

The entry into force of the new standard is likely to lead to a significant increase in the number of vehicles requiring a retest. Prior to the new standard, 0.75% of vehicles failed the vehicle inspection due to a fault code concerning exhaust fume opacity. When the new standard comes into force, this rate is expected to increase to between 10% and 15%. All these failed vehicles will be forced to contact their repair workshop for an opacity test followed by corrective action to bring the vehicle into line with the standard.

Building on its eco-friendly convictions, ACTIA has been involved in this eco-friendly movement for several years already, offering diagnostic and associated repair solutions for measuring the opacity of exhaust fumes. ACTIA’s values are reflected in its ambitious work on key issues affecting the world today, such as mobility, connectivity, safety, and the environment. ACTIA products are designed and perform to the highest quality standards.



The Opaci-Diag solution relies on the simple, effective use of electronic parameters. The software’s intuitive interface means users lose no time getting to grips with the tool. Its red and green colour code enables quick detection and identification of the maintenance parameters. The solution offers simple, reliable support to workshops as they work to bring diesel vehicles into line with the new standards.

The step-by-step approach extends throughout the various diagnostic stages, based on case studies. Designed by ACTIA workshop experts, they are the result of the group’s professional know-how, and offer precious assistance to repair all faults related to an opacity issue quickly and effectively. These case studies constitute a genuine customised guide, offering expertise and extra support for opacity diagnostics, thereby boosting the productivity of workshops.

All work performed on a diesel vehicle is covered by a summary report which is handed over to the customer. This simple, standard document states the condition of the vehicle when the diagnostic operation was carried out. Customers therefore have an overview of their vehicle’s condition before any work is performed - showing any outstanding maintenance - and after, highlighting the repairs carried out. As a result, the work required is fully transparent, and guaranteed in conformity with the new pollution test for diesel vehicles.


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