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New export success for ACTIA’s vehicle inspection services

June 2019 News

New export success for ACTIA’s vehicle inspection services

Following a call for tenders, ACTIA has won a new contract in Malaysia, for two mobile vehicle inspection stations. Once again, on a highly competitive market, the French group stood out due to the quality of its products and services.


A modular station, which is perfectly adapted to the country

Puspakom has just chosen ACTIA for the addition of two units to its fleet of mobile vehicle inspection stations. The ACTIA mobile station chosen by PUSPAKOM is modular. It allows inspections to be carried out on all types of vehicles: heavy goods vehicles, buses, utility vehicles, and light vehicles. The mobile vehicle inspection station consists of a truck towing a trailer that can be converted into an autonomous, remote vehicle inspection centre, which is ideal for rural zones and companies with a fleet of vehicles.

This mobile version allows the provision of a “door-to-door” service, primarily for companies and vehicle fleet managers. For fleet managers, it saves time and reduces the costs associated with vehicle movements and downtime, thereby increasing fleet profitability.

In a country with a geographic configuration divided between the Malay Peninsula with its high automobile density and the less populated northern part of the island of Borneo, the most developed and popular form of transport in this country is the bus. PUSPAKOM’s mobile vehicle inspections allow services to be provided seven days a week to the bus fleets scattered across the territory. In this context of intensive use, ACTIA ensures that the equipment remains operational in the face of demanding conditions.


PUSPAKOM: Malaysia’s national vehicle inspection company

Puspakom, Malaysia’s first and only national vehicle inspection company, is mandated by the Malaysian government to carry out all the mandatory inspections on vehicles subject to local regulations.

In Malaysia, automobile activity is highly developed, and the country has a strong motorway network. To regulate this activity, limit the risks associated with automobile pollution and improve road safety, the Malaysian government has made vehicle inspections every six months mandatory for passenger transport and commercial vehicles since 1986. Vehicle inspections for light vehicles are only required upon sale.

Every year PUSPAKOM carries out 3 million vehicle inspections. The Malaysian company has built a national network of 56 fully-fledged inspection centres boasting state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to this, there are more than 25 inspection sites offering vehicle inspection services in rural and less heavily populated parts of Malaysia.


ACTIA’s distribution network: quality and high-performance local services

By choosing ACTIA, PUSPAKOM is investing in “Made en France” quality on a market characterised by the sometimes very aggressive pricing policy of Asian competition. The ACTIA vehicle inspection range is manufactured at our Chartres production site in France, measuring over 8,000 m2 and located a few miles from Paris. This allows ACTIA to maintain complete control over manufacturing processes in a demanding and changing regulatory environment.

In Malaysia, ACTIA’s products are distributed by AUTOVIS, a partner of ACTIA for over 20 years. ACTIA is also present on the vehicle inspection market in neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. In terms of vehicle inspections, the maturity level of these countries varies. As in other emerging markets in the world, which are affected by automobile pollution issues, government bodies are introducing policies to regulate automobile activity, such as controlling gas emissions from vehicles.

ACTIA supports these policies via a distribution network that extends over the five continents and more than 80 countries to offer truly local service. For vehicle inspection centres, support and guidance in using our solutions begins at handover and is accompanied by training. Professionals in the sector are guaranteed technical assistance, and upgrades and operational maintenance of tools on a daily basis.


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