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Innovation: ACTIA unleashes creative spirits

September 2017 News

Innovation: ACTIA unleashes creative spirits

ACTIA, with innovation at the heart of its dynamic, held an original Hackathon, based on Design Thinking. Employees were invited to combine their visions of products and services for the "garage of the future", in a collective innovation process. The common theme brought together a wide variety of engineering, marketing, creative and business professionals. The aim was to unite, to maximum effect, the analytical skills of certain professionals with the intuitive abilities of others. With group creativity techniques and field studies among customers, the initiative used a co-creativity process, integrating user feedback on ACTIA products.

"Everyone worked together, on an equal footing. People from different worlds combined their skills and visions. That helped to reveal talents through real teamwork, where everyone could find their place, and make room for others."
Eléonore Escourrou, Marketing & Business Development manager, ACTIA Hackathon 2017 participant.

Such an approach brings multiple benefits: exchanges enriched by everyone, improved communication within the group, and rapid and shared understanding of concepts. Driven by the competitive dynamic of the group, the forty ACTIA participants really rose to the challenge, and the projects proposed were highly relevant.

"The selected project will receive financial and human resources to quickly transform this idea into a product. Beyond the results, the initiative has the advantage of having created this dynamic. It is important for every employee in our family company to be able to contribute to innovation within the group, and in doing so, help shape its future."
Jean-Louis Pech, Chairman of the Board of ACTIA Group.