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ITxPT: the latest in on-board architecture

June 2018 News

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The publication of the new version of ITxPT technical specifications makes this certification the very latest in on-board architecture for public transport operators. It is the key advantage that ensures that systems are easily interoperable in “Plug & Play” mode. The story of open systems has just begun.

2018 certification of ACTIA’s range of modules
As a founding member of the ITxPT association, ACTIA has kept pace with the certification of its products, since its entire range of hardware modules and applications will be certified in 2018. After the AES2 Ethernet switch, certification has kicked off for the new generation of driver consoles - Multi-Applications Driver Terminal or MADT, the telematics gateway unit (TGU-R), the on-board computers SAM and SBS, as well as for passenger information displays, etc.

These solutions are the result of the Group’s expertise in vehicle architecture, offering a new, fully open approach to equipment and services, hardware and software. So many functional blocks that guarantee the interoperability of the on-board services, reducing development costs of vehicles and systems, while improving their user-friendliness.

ACTIA solutions are ready to contribute to offering the passenger of the future new services driven by increasingly connected and stringent mobility.

Did you say “Plug & Play”?
ITxPT defines the physical interfaces between on-board systems: M12 connector, on-board spaces devoted to equipment. The functional modules (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System, passenger info, ticketing, etc.) and their corresponding equipment are interfaced in “Plug & Play” mode on the on-board IP network pre-installed in the vehicles, with standard connectors.

The ITxPT requirements concerning inter-operability for public transport fleets reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve performance. The ITxPT specifications describe the physical requirements, general architecture, generic mechanisms with the communication protocols and the data models providing “Plug and Play” capability for the modules. Stakeholders in the sector are focusing their efforts to bring both on-board modules as well as new bus models into compliance.

ACTIA provides support to operator and integrator customers, allowing them to be ready for the introduction of ITxPT. And given its position as an original equipment supplier, it provides manufacturers with certified, high-quality automotive systems.

Shared vehicle communication is now possible
With ACTIA’s ITxPT certified modules, the hardware resources become unique and are made available to all on-board systems: the communication module is shared by all the applications, while the GPS module provides a precise tracking for all systems. Fewer antennas, simpler installations, greater reliability and maintainability. Thus, an AVMS application can use the communication module of another provider; it can, for example, very easily share the driver’s ID, the line number, etc.

In the same way, the technical vehicle data is shared in real time with all on-board systems. It is sent back to the central office, which can in turn share it with all the applications that need it.

Benefits for operators, organizing authorities, vehicle manufacturers, buyers, and ultimately, users.




An extended service dictionary

“The ITxPT standard makes it possible to share software modules and/or equipment. It offers an extended service dictionary via the vehicle system. For example, the geolocation information provided by one module is accessible to all the others; a single multichannel communication gateway may be shared by all the modules; the “Multi Applications Driver Terminal” (MADT) allows the driver to access or control multiple applications connected to the IT architecture on an integrated, shared HMI. Finally, another aspect of ITxPT is remote maintenance or telediagnostics through real-time access to technical vehicle data in order to optimise maintenance. Telediagnostics relies on standardised technical data (FMS).

Services that reconcile the challenges of Safety, Comfort, Environment and Management common to all operators and fleet managers.”

Marketing & Sales, ACTIA Connected Vehicles Department



The ACTIA ITxPT range

AES.2: first ITxPT certified Automotive Ethernet Switch & compliant with EN13149-8.
SAM ATOM: the benchmark open on-board PC.
MADT V2 - Multi-Application Driver Terminal.
TGU-R ACCESS: all of ACTIA’s expertise in vehicle telematics in a ruggedized platform, but more importantly, an open platform adaptable to all back office solutions and existing mobile applications.



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